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looking for some advice

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Hi I’m just wondering if anyone has been up for a review of pip ?

and did not have to attend a face to face or phone call ?

I rang yesterday and they said that a report has been made and has gone to a decision maker .

im confused because I’ve not had to speak to anyone ??

27 Replies
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Hii it is normal as well and happens to lots Even the claims its hard to believe but lots get awards with

No f2f or telephone assessment (16%) It usually means it fine with your award but dont want to build your hopes up

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Lh1979 in reply to Ajay575

aww ok , Thankyou for the reply .

Yea I get what what you mean .. I just hope that if they decide to end it that they at least call me first ? But I’m hoping ive given enough evidence .


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Ajay575 in reply to Lh1979

Ive personally never heard of a loss without a f2f or phone assessment Usually if you do not get a f2f or assessment you get an award on paper based

At least (16%) acually get a paer reiview Once you get letter phone for a copy

Of their medical report

Always recommend

And its also good to paste the positives for award in later reviews

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Thankyou xx

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Yes, it looks like yours has been paper based as they had sufficient information on which to make an award. It's comparitively rare, but does happen.

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My last review was awarded without an assessment (at same level)

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Lh1979 in reply to Hazel_Angelstar

Thankyou for your reply . I’ll update when I hear news .

Thankyou xx

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I have had 2 reviews since being on pip. Both times I had no F2F and no phone call assessment. They just made a decision based on my evidence and what I wrote.

I have had two hip replacements at the age of 26 (one is a failed hip replacement), fybromyalgia, dysplastic sholder, polyarthiritis, among many other things. I got a copy of ALL my medical records and sat highlighting parts where it backs up certain things I said in the report. Also highlighted diagnoses.

Some people say medication doesn't matter but honestly, I have been involved in a PIP assessment of a family member and everything was "no because you don't take medication for it so it can't be that bad). This person has anxiety to where they can't leave the house. This anxiety involves taking medication.... thinking it will kill them. So they blew my mind.

Also I suffer with anxiety, have done for a very long time. Everything I write anything about anxiety on my PIP forms, when I get the decision letter, they say that they can't score me anything for anxiety as I don't take medication for it. I am now on medication so hopefully they accept it next time.

So I do think medication makes a big difference because I take strong daily doses of morphine and amitriptyline.

With my last review, they gave me a few extra points.... I was one point away from enhanced living. I also got kept on enhanced mobility.

I don't want to get your hopes up but each time I did my reviews and both were without a F2F or phone assessment, they kept my award the same.

Hope that rambling made sense and was any help

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Lh1979 in reply to YoungAndPainful

that makes a lot of sense . Thankyou .

I take a lot of medication . And have awful anxiety so hopefully they will make a decision soon xxx

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Hi can I ask when did you return your review? Take care x

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Lh1979 in reply to R-OD

it was ages ago I’m sorry I can’t remember when but I do knw it’s been months and it’s long over due . Approx 7-8 months ago ? Xx

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mine was the beginning of July so hopefully should hear soon x

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I rang out of the blue to see what stage my review was at and the lady on phone told me that a report has just finished and handed to the decision maker and was told it’s at its final stages so not much longer ??

It’s a worry isn’t it ? Xx

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I recently had a review in nov no assessments and done on paper base

I received a 10 yr reward this time

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Can I ask where to call and which number? The process terrifies me as I fear always they will turn me down but I really need it. Last time it was the most wonderful lady who was understanding and it just went through. I am worst since then and very scared it will be someone who has been told to turn them/us down. I think I would pass on a face to face or phone call - but not a lottery. We all need care xx

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Lh1979 in reply to Bfp1

hello I’m glad your having a better day today minus the dropped butter lol , am I right in thinking you still are receiving pip ?

If so they will write to you when a review is due and will send paper work to see if anything has changed , stopped or stayed the same .

Otherwise if you do not receive anymore it would be a new claim .

Yes we all need some help and support xx

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Bfp1 in reply to Lh1979

I have done all that - just frightened of the next part really

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Lh1979 in reply to Bfp1

I’m scared too waiting on a decision xx

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a really good day today - I made a slice of toast wobbling round the kitchen - butter dropped - toast bit rubbery - looks like I will be visited soon by Gordon Ramsey!!😂😂😂

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My review was based just on paper records and my Double Enhanced award that I won at an Appeal Tribunal, instead of being for up to 3 years at a time, became 10 years, I'm not at State Pension age yet, which is when the 10 year awards usually start.

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Lh1979 in reply to releasethemagic

Thankyou . Does paper records mean that they could have possibly seen my medical records too ? I’m so worried my pip is going to be stopped xx

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releasethemagic in reply to Lh1979

They don't usually obtain medical records from your GP, but they will use anything they have been sent by you, and PIP, ESA (or the Universal Credit equivalent) and old DLA records already held by DWP.

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Did mine over the phone 😀

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Lh1979 in reply to toni-m-235

I didn’t need too have a phone call or have face to face . There must be enough evidence I’m guessing xx

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I called to say. I had got worse.....I was assessed on paper and given the enhanced rate of mobility without a call or f2f......the only thing I can say it's it's not usually stopped but is usually kept at the same rate but if you feel it's a wrong decision appeal it.....I did on my very first assessment as I was awarded nothing I appealed and got enhanced on hands and standard on mobility now after a paper assessment I get both enhanced.....please try not to worry as it will affect your health but be willing to think of fighting for it just incase.....best of luck Hun x

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Lh1979 in reply to Sueh121268

Thankyou for your reply xxx

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Lh1979 in reply to Lh1979

I rang pip department fri and asked for the review forms to be sent to me the lady on phone said no not until a decision is made .

So I rang again today the gentleman on phone said yea I’m sending you a copy ?

and also he told me he was going to send me a copy of my last assessment so I can compare notes /awards etc ..

so il kind of know in the next few days more or less by what is in that review .

And il keep everyone updated ..

Thankyou everyone for your replies it’s helped ease my mind a lot xxx

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