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visible fibro symptoms or something else?

have had fibro for nearly 5yrs now. it took a year to get diagnosed but something has always puzzled me. when diagnosed I was told how fibro sufferers feel all sorts of pains, itchiness, aches, fatigue etc etc but that fibro doesn't show symptoms that can actually be viewed with the naked eye. since becoming ill I've had many visible and weird things going on and now a nurse I spoke to in passing reckons it sounds more like lupus because some of my symptoms can be physically seen.

have I just been told a load of rubbish regarding visible symptoms or is there some truth to it? thoughts?

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Hi elvis777

Unfortunately Fibromyalgia shows itself in many different ways.

We all have varying symptoms to different degrees.

However, in general, Fibromyalgia tends to be what is called an "Invisible Illness" due to the fact that the main symptoms are pain and fatigue.

Many of us have lots of other conditions to deal with too which are visible.

My own personal opinion, from my own experience, is that Fibromyalgia symptoms, on the whole, are invisible.

It is perfectly possible to have Fibro and Lupus. A couple of our members have both.

There is a HealthUnlocked Lupus forum which you could have a look at.

If you think it is possible that you do have Lupus, make an appointment to see your GP to discuss it with them.

I very much hope that some of this helps.

Lu xx

PS I have had Fibro, ME plus other conditions for 36 years.



Fibro shows itself in so many ways to different people. It is possible to have fibro and lupus as very often fibro comes with other conditions.

As BlueMermaid3 says, there is a Lupus community where you can get more information about symptoms, rashes etc

If you feel these things are symptoms you recognise then please do see your doctor who will run the various blood tests before referring you to a rheumatologist.

I hope this helps


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thanks guys I will have a look at the lupus forum. i'm not sure if I was tested when the doctors were originally trying to diagnose me. I saw a rhuemi who was very dismissive, maybe that's because my tests were normal idk.

I regularly have mouth ulcers, nose ulcers and itchy rashes.

after having my son I had a hot swollen patch on my calf and had to have an ultrasound scan because they were worried I had a blood clot. the lady doing the scan couldn't understand why my leg was the way it was because there was nothing showing up on the scan.

I also went for a smear and it was abnormally painful. the nurse said I was red raw inside but I was baffled as to why that would be. she tested for every infection etc she could and everything came back clear, it was a mystery.

i have been anaemic a few times and i'm also getting symptoms of raynauds. in the last week I've had weird purple patches on 2 toes that are quite sore.

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Hi elvis777

I really am so truly sorry to read this and I have pasted you a link to the NHS Choices cache on Lupus my friend. I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for:

I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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