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hi guys need your advice

I have a history of depression, anxiety and fibromyalgia, unfortunately have had to take a fair amount of time off work always covered by a doctors note. I lost my mother in July it was sudden and unexpected even though she was 88yrs old. This caused me to nosedive and have been off work since then, my depression is constant and my fibro has flared as well but this time the flare up hasn't subsided completely and the amount of pain I am experiencing daily is horrendous and I really cannot return to work at the moment. I have worked for the NHS for the past 10yrs and they have been sympathetic up until now, my next meeting will be with my boss and the manager of HR. I might be paranoid but am expecting them to terminate my employment as I am 60 next month. If they do what benefits will I be able to go for and will I be able to do this straight away as my NHS pension will be small? I cannot claim my state pension for another 6 years so money will be tight.

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Hi lynne16

We have had the question a fair few times on the forum.

Personally I think that your best bet would be to contact our Benefits Adviser Janet to see what she has to say.

Here are all of Janet's contact details:

Either that or contact your local CAB and request a meeting with someone about it.

What does your Union say? Do you have them involved?

Wishing you much peace

Lu x



Thanks Bluemermaid3 for your reply, I haven't involved the union yet but I guess its time to have a rethink on that, sometimes I think it would be easier to just resign and then thats one thing less to feel anxious about!!

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Why should you resign?? That's exactly what they want you to do.

I know it seems like a big step but I really would involve your Union. That is exactly what they are there for. To make sure you are treated properly.

Please do get them involved. It's not your fault you are so poorly.

Lu xx


HI lynne16

Hello and welcome to this wonderful forum. Have you seen our Mother Site ? Here you will find a wealth of information about fibro including links and guides.

It seems the Public Sector are being harsh about sickness and retiring through ill health. Several members are in the NHS and going through similar to you.

I cannot offer any personal advice but I do know to get your Union involved in every meeting. Do not offer your resignation, there are procedures before they can terminate your employment.

If you have earned enough each week to pay NI then you should be able to claim ESA.

If you go to the Government site GOV.UK you will be able to find more information.

I also recommend you make an appointment with the Citizens Advice to help with your application for ESA or to give advice about your work situation.

Don't do anything without guidance.

I advise you lock your post for your internet security and also you will receive more replies from a locked post. If you see to the right in Pinned Posts you will find instructions on locking and also guides in navigating the forum.

If you have any problems please message any Admin and we will be happy to help.



Hi lynne16 and welcome to our wonderful forum ☺ I'm sure you will come to find the forum invaluable in chatting to others who are going through the same experience as you, talking to others at different stages of their lives with Fibro and learning from their experiences.

It does help with the whole process and I wish I had found the site years ago. I have had Fibro for nearly 30 yrs and I'm still learning about it, like we all are.

I see you have had fantastic advice already from our BlueMermaid3 & bluebell99 and i can't really add to what they have already told you, I just wanted to say Hi & i wish you well with it all and pls know your rites. They some times offer early retirement which would involve seeing an OH or they may offer redundancy so do make sure you take a spokesman who knows the work and pensions laws. They are not allowed to sack you.

Stick it out my friend or you could lose what's entitled to you.

Peace, luv n light

Jan x


Hi Lynne

I am sorry to hear about your situation with work and how you feel. I have a similar problem, met with HR and Manager yesterday for 2nd time. I have been off for 3 months, biggest flare up I have had and cant seem to get back on track, usually its a few days and I can handle the usual pains and discomfort, but this time really taken it out of me. It started with a stress related work problem, I went to docs and had antidepressant and 2 weeks off. Went back to work, but found difficulty concentrating on driving, so advised my Line Manage prob due to medication I was on as not used to it, who said oh ok and phoned me back 2 mins later to advise it was urgent I drove to a meeting with Area Manager. I tried to put on the I can cope with anything face and drove to the meeting only 5 miles away, but felt so anxious driving, all I could think of was my insurance cover as I could not concentrate and felt so sleepy. They didnt really need me at the meeting, and didnt feel any better driving back, went to bed feeling terrible. Next morning all fibro symptoms but very bad. Went to doctors and explained and was signed off with Fibro myalgia and work related stress. The Fibro just got worse. Anyway sorry to go on, to sum up, the meeting yesterday, they said that I had been off for 3 months, coud I give an indication of when I intend to return as other people in organisation had fibro and could manage it well enough. I was feeling depressed anyway as chronic fatigue and aching, burning pain,headaches sore eyes and neck and shoulder pain and concentration and speech has all been crap. But meeting has left me feeling so depressed and I thought I was getting better feel I have gone backwards. I sympathise with you as I also feel I should just pack it in as I am 54, but I do really like my job. People don't seem to undersatnd that I can't control the symptoms, I eat really healthy and lots of water and try and walk dog twice a day, but can't win this time.

I hope all works out for you.


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