Happy New Year

Good morning everyone,

Hope you all had a good festive season. I have been quiet over Christmas. I found the whole time difficult and did not really enjoy it, but anyway I have survived.

I am trying to be positive and making plans for 2017. Every time I think of doing something new I get worried about whether i can cope. My wife suggested I go to listen to some children read in the school she teaches in but Im not sure. The biggest part of fibro for me is the feeling of apathy and tiredness. Spent most of yesterday looking at Facebook and daytime tv! Does anyone else get the same feeling. Im trying to build up strength to go for a walk.

Sorry to go on about me. Hope you are all well.

David x

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  • Hi David....sorry you are feeling pretty down at present, I think so many of us are feeling much the same. Your wife's idea is brilliant and there is nothing more satisfying than helping children read. I did this some years ago and loved it. The only thing I found difficult was the baby chairs to sit on!!!!! Children can be so uplifting and funny and if you help just one child to learn something new it's a bonus.....It's worth a try. I only went 2 times a week for a couple of hours at a time but schools are flexible.......Hope you feel more positive and get some relief soon. Gentle Hug x

  • Thank for your reply Trikki. I have just been for a brisk walk for an hour. I feel more positive now and think clearer. I live by the sea so I have some lovely places to walk. I will give the work in school some thought. I already have a couple of volunteer roles so I dont want to over do things. I used to work in school so I know the benefits but I also know it is quite a stressful place.

    Thanks. Take càre

    David x

  • Good Morning or Afternoon I should say now lol and a Very Happy New Year to you also ;-)

    I'm afraid the dreaded Fatigue is sometimes one of the worst symptoms of Fibro and sometimes it can take a lot to get motivated but when you do, you are glad, by my own experiences anyway, its just some days its harder than others. Listening to the kids reading sounds a wonderful idea and a good distraction. Couldn't you be one of those old fashioned story readers who sits in a big old reclining armchair, you could be comfy then too lol..in fact I would insist on it hehe

    Peace, luv n light


  • Wishing you a very Happy New Year too David!

    I used to do the reading for many years and I can recommend going for year 5! They are at an age when you can reason with them without them getting bolshie!

    I loved it and only stopped because I moved way.

    Hope you will have a better day tomorrow.


  • Hi Golfer15, sorry you are having a difficult time, the festive season can be a trial. I find one of the most distressing parts of fibro is the 'I cant be bothered' bit. My strategy is to have Plan A, B, C. 'A' is what I want to do. 'B' is just doing a little bit of 'A'. 'C' is give up on the first 2 and not get upset just to be kind to myself and relax. It is easy with fibro to beat yourself up for not attempting something. The worry about not coping is a common theme, tiredness and apathy are very hard to beat but if you can stop the worry it halves the problem. It may sound silly but it really works. Hope you have a better year and your health improves. Helen X

  • Hi. Sorry you had a tough time over Christmas. Your wife's idea is great, but if you're not feeling it's right for you why not explore other options. You say you live by the sea, such a lovely place to walk would you be in a position to re-home a dog? Great for companionship, and a motivation to go out for a walk. Your username is Golfer15 do you or did you play golf? Not something i know much about but could you do that? I recently took up cycling and do find be out and about helps my mood, and my pain as long as i don't push too hard and avoid hills! Maybe swimming, or a craft type hobby at home, so many options to consider. Good luck in finding something you enjoy, and I hope 2017 is better for you.

  • Hi my friend

    I really am so genuinely sorry to read this and I want to sincerely wish you a wonderful 2107, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you for your replies. I managed to go for a walk yesterday which helped my mood. I think it is a morning thing as I feel rough again this morning. I am going out soon to do some voluntary work at a local community centre. They do lunch today for old people and I help there on a Thursday. I helped in the cafe at this centre yesterday afternoon. I am also a churchwarden which envolves quite a few jobs during the week. So I think I will leave the reading in school for a while. I dont want to over do things.

    Hope you all have a good day.

    David x

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