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Hi I have just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I also have arthritis in my lower bk hips and knees and diabetes borderline. I get pip but have just had a medical for esa and was told that I was to go to work focus interviews I also suffer with depression and anxiety and don't go out the house I just don't know what to do the esa came to my house to do the medical can anyone help with any advise

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I also have chronic fatigue syndrome



Can you request reconsideration for the decision? I think that is different to full appeal (check tho).

Maybe you can do this in writing explaining and ask your go for a letter of support.

I am in a very similar medical situation to you & awaiting my assessment. I wouldn't be able to actually get to work interview/groups .

Good luck x


I rang them to appeal the discussion they gave me but I have to send in letters and medical letter. But I also got a appointment to go to the work interview next week and I rang them and they said I got to go to this appointment otherwise I could get my esa stopped


That's plain madness! I don't know what to say.

If I was you I would and do bit of research into this situation.

Will your go support you ?



Have you asked for a "Mandatory Reconsideration" disabilityrightsuk.org/appe...


I rang and told them I wasn't happy about the decision and that I get enhanced rate mobility and enhanced rate care living allowance and my partner gets cares someone rang me bk told notes and told me to get any evidence u can together. But then I got a letter saying that next thrusday I have a work fouced interviews s so I rang them and they rang me today saying that I had to go to the interview has it was manatory


Two things to do

1 contact your MP tell them what is happening theyworkforyou.com/mps/

2 ask for the work focused interview by phone as you are unfit to travel


hi go for a full appeal. i get pip both enhanced. but every six months i still have to go to a worked focus interview. get in touch with the c.a.b maybe someone from there can go to the appeal with you. good luck


If you have a sick note from your Doctor (no longer than 3 months) you do not have to attend any interviews and they cannot sanction you. However they can ask for you to have a check up with one of their health professionals.

PIP means that you are entitled to support because of your conditions however you can work without loss of any PIP. ESA WRAC means that they consider that you will be able to work in some job that meets your requirements. ESA Support means at the time you are unable to work due to your conditions and will be reviewed at some point in time to decide what group you will be in.

Be Well


Hi caroline47

I am so sorry to read this, and I would ring them again and say that you have nobody to bring you? And could they please come to you? It may work? If you explain that you are not able to go out alone as it could be dangerous? As I have heard that some people have done this with their PIP assessments.

I want to wish you all the best of luck.

Take care

Ken x


In reality unless one has a terminal illness, in fact in some capacity under the Gov back to work program, as in ending the something for nothing culture, individuals are possibly able to work albeit at some point whether now or in the future capable of at least an hour a day, couple of hours work per week, with overall aim to increase this capacity to work longer hours within a realistic time frame. majority of individuals are able to do something in terms of work, no matter how little, as in the benefits of work in terms of social/psychological and biological well-being on an individual is well documented, researched. If we consider Depression is fed by inactivity and having time to think negatively, self-criticism, beating yourself up etc the more one does the more mood is affected, in turn behavior. examples, No point in getting out of bed nothing to look forward too, why wash, shave or dress as I'm not going out, no one will see me, whats the point etc. I'm useless, no good, I cant do this, I'm in too much pain, if I do this it will make my pain worse, If I go out my pain will get worse. Result we stay in, inactivity, boredom, low mood, depression.

Anxiety, can be brought on by many triggers, how one feels about themselves, if feeling safe is staying at home, and one does not get anxious. When faced with going out of the house and being seen or meeting people, anxiety starts, then the more one worries and concentrates on anxiety, paying attention / notice symptoms, shortness of breath, due to uncontrolled breathing, catastrophic thinking as in my heart is pounding I am going to have a heart attack, or Em going to faint, in reality how many heart attacks has the individual had, every time they get anxious do they always faint.

Therefore if you engage in an employment related activity, or in fact any activity, is it possible do you think you will have less time to think negatively, meet others, gain confidence, set goals, have something to do other than inactivity, break the cycle of inactivity, which in turn will lift mood and ultimately improve well-being. The more you dont go out of the house, the more you form that habit of staying at home, the more you fuel depression and anxieties etc, the only way to break this cycle is to become gradually more active, this will not happen over night and will never happen unless you break the cycle, no one else can do it for you. Have a look at NHS choices for depression anxiety, getselfhelp.com possibly request GP referral to counselling IAPT service and even fibromyalgia.uk, fmauk.org. If you are still worried or need advice contact citizen advise service who can provide free impartial help and assistance.


stop talking total rubbish


Typical attitude, okay if total rubbish perhaps you would like to clarify and educate me, I have only over 10 years in practice and have helped hundreds of vulnerable individuals, plus have been there myself, so what do I know, sorry for having to tried to offer support and signposting to where help is available to answer the question,


I feel really angry having read one of your replies. I suffer in exactly the same ways you do and would be totally unable to cope with even waving the house I my own, let alone attending g interviews or working. Speak to a site calledBenefits and Work on the Internet.they are brilliant and I promise they will help. Without their help I wouldn't have received Support Froup Esa or DLA. I wish you all the best and hope you feel a little better with some help


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