Hi all. Been awake since my normal time 5am! Although this time I'm really nervous as big day today! I was hoping to have a good nights sleep but that's not going to happen now! I fell a sleep ok ish with melotonin 4mg but like I said I'm nervous and I don't sleep when I'm nervous anyway. I'm performing with a signing choir using British Sign Language to Christmas songs. First started learning in October as we're a new choir! 😀

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  • Good luck. Have a lovely time.

  • Hope that you have a wonderful day I am sure it will go fine. All entertainer's say if they aren't nervous they don't give a good performance. Let us know how it goes.x

  • That sounds like a wonderful thing to do. Break a leg as the saying goes xx

  • Hope you will have an enjoyable time, you won't be performing alone so you will be fine!

  • Sorry I am a little late with my reply my friend. I sincerely hope that it all went really well and that you enjoyed it immensely.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi all. Sorry for late response kept forgetting too! Performance went really well thank you. It was a long day for me so took a few days to recover as I was exhausted but it was so worth doing. I loved it. 😀

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