VIRTUAL TRIP TO - Liege Christmas Market

This Friday all aboard at 11 am for travel ON EUROSTAR

VIRTUAL TRIP TO - Liege Christmas Market 
This Friday all aboard at 11 am for travel ON EUROSTAR


The Christmas Markets in Belgium are very popular and offer all kinds of Christmas goodies and the festive season will again be celebrated with colourful Christmas trees. They exude a fantastic atmosphere and offer great shopping opportunities. There are a few notable Belgian Christmas Markets particularly Brussels Winter Wonderland and the Bruges Christmas Market and also a relatively new market in Ypres which is now in its third year.

These Belgian Xmas markets in or near to Brussels benefit from the rapid Eurostar service.

Xmas markets in Belgium have much to offer the visitor in terms of the Belgian culture and being relatively close to the UK is easy to travel to.


The “Village de Noël de Liège” (Christmas Village) has become one of Belgiums' most famous Chrismas Markets in Belgium, with wooden chalets offering gastronomic specialities, handicrafts and souvenirs

LIEGE CHRISTMAS VILLAGE: 29 Nov–30 Dec 2013 Place St Lambert & Place du Marché.

During 4 weeks, 200 hundred wooden chalets will offer various products including gastronomic specialities, handicrafts and souvenirs.

OUTDOOR ICE RINK (29 Nov – 30 Dec 2013) Place de la Cathédrale

Set up in the heart of Liège's huge pedestrianised zone, the ice rink will be surrounded by lots more shopping, eating and drinking opportunities.

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Hope you're all ready for some festive fun :) xxxsianxxx :)

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  • Yay i dont have anything planned for during the day friday. Getting hair done in the evening so will pop along with you guys during the day :) xx

  • Fab Chell it will be fun XXX

    Need to rally everyone together for some festive fun and lift our spirits :D

    I've never been on the Eurostar :o

  • Never been on Eurostar either may get scared. May need to hug a fluffie

    Everyone should join it will make us all forget things for a while xxx

  • I went to Exeter today with a friend and in the surrounds of the Cathedral they've set up a Christmas market, all in little wooden sheds. Apparently they did it last year but it was spoilt by the wet weather, they've taken more in this first week than they did in the whole three weeks last year. Lots of lovely lovely things to buy, had I had lots of pennies I would have come back laden.......ah can but dream !!

    Foggy x

  • I love Christmas markets ours arrives in Sunderland this week I think for a week or so :) I do hope to get out to it this year :) xx

  • READY ... passport in hand ... Met you all at ashford station , i will dressed as a fairy with blue hair xx

  • Fab we shall collect you on route, nice way to stand out and very Christmassy :D

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Okay guys the Eurostar is wicked you arrive on the platform and have to find your seats get settled quickly because then the magic begins you are whisked through England and down to the tunnel the train goes straight through so for twenty minutes the out side goes dark then whoosh you are in France heading for Belgium. The train rarely moves about it is silent and smooth you will enjoy it immensely are we all dressing up ? Goody can I wear a clown costume how wonderful :D xgins

  • Yeah I know all that Gins I just don't like the idea of getting stuck under the sea :o

    Fancy dress is optional so if you'd like to be a clown you can ehheeheheh!

    Please keep the feet under control hahhaaahhhah! beep beep the nose once an hour heeheehehh!

    Boinging off before you catch me!!! ;)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Uh oh eeeeekkkkk methinks I will have take my private jet to meet you, can't cope with underground trains, the thought of that combined with being under the,no, and thrice no ! :o :o :o

    Foggy x

  • See I'm with you on that issue but its virtual ;)

  • This year Ive had to miss out on the birmingham christmas market so ill tag along with you guys. prob wont say much ,always had a lousy imagination.........s

  • Hi sue it'll be lovely to have you with us and don't worry you'll be fine it'll be fun and frolic all the way :D

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Ooooooh,yipeeeeee! Iam so excited! I've never been on the Eurostar and the markets sound fab :) Iam really really looking forward to the ice rink,shall come dressed in an ice skating costume all ready for my wonderful (not,hehe) display of a professional ice skater.I shall need a male ice skating partner of course :D

  • Glad your looking forward to it :D



    :) xxx :)

  • Of course I shall be doing my fluffie duties as well for the day,as your loyal humble assistant...........bows down :D

  • Have you been on the eurostar Zeb through the tunnel ND EXPERIENCED IT well It is gentle you would not know it was happening more fun than the car train the only thing is the crush to get on we must be speedy and prompt the clock ticks to the hour and we are off!!!

  • Its ok Gins because in virtual world we can just magic ourselves out of problems ;)

    There isn't going to be any anyway :p


  • zeb dear reality or virtual I have been across many times and even in my dreams there are never any problems it is the most exciting most delightful trip I have made can we travel by 1930 train with steam engine from Calais to Bruge chuff chuff whoo chuff chuff whoo I feel some Jazz comei n on........................................

  • Oooooohhh, how exciting! I will be there, no skimpy fairy dresses for me. I'm going dressed as a polar bear.

    I can sneak in some fluffies past immigration for extra comfort, and be nice and toasty in my long johns and thermal vest.

    Now where's the passport, must look out for the best rates for euros.

    Looking forward to lots of Belgian chocolate and tasteful lace hankies. Can I bring my scooter and then we can load it all up with goodies? :) :)

  • wow never thought of of that good thinking Bluebell

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • I have Friday off due to the school Christmas Bazaar so I shall be coming :-)



  • Thats good news Jilly I think we're going to have a bonkers time of it :D

    Many fluffies for you how are you today are you feeling any better?

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

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