Tmj and muscles

Hi again .

Thanks for all the responses.

Just wondering if any of you got the pain so bad your head felt like it would explode nheaby not's hard to explain really..I'm ranting about it to distract from the pain..I'm sure you all know this already.just even touching my scalp is uncomfortable...even my stomach now feels's not pain it's like all over body sensations.

Make sense to anyone.

Thanks guys.Sweetdreams.

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  • I have been sent to hospital with that pain several times.

  • Good morning kitten kat

    Thank u for the response..still awake no sleep yet.I'm sorry to hear you experienced the same my this is aweful...I took a 2mg hydromorph and still nothing..crazy I've had it before but never this would come on and leave just in a few the stomach too just to rub my hands across my abdomen ever so slightly is really uncomfortable .. Sorry for the rant.


    Sweet dreams.

    Please take care.

  • I hope you get some relief soon.

  • Hi Sweetdreams I do get head pain, sometimes it feels like I've got a band round my head that's to tight & i get sudden pain like someone has hit me over the head with a toffee hammer & yes sometimes sore to touch. All the sensations are nerve pain I'm told. I even have to close my eyes, can't bare the light..but that's more migraine & i have to lay down as this makes me feel sick & i get stars flashing in front of my eyes like a kaleidoscope.

    I hope you soon feel better.stay warm & rest ☺

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan x

  • Yes I get this, but can't help with making it better you just need to ride it out. I've got very itchy eyeballs today and jaw clenching is driving me potty, I know I'm doing it but it just keeps going even when I try to stop it :(

  • Hi, Hope you feel better soon. I've had a 3 week stint of excruciating pain and not been able to walk, sit or lay down and the pain from my scalp, hips, ribs and usual suspects unbearable. I've never called 999 until this episode but when I did, nobody came to see me. Not even a paramedic. As soon as the nurse read my records and say fms she took it on herself it wasn't an emergency. Makes you feel great when you have suffered in silence without any progression for over a decade and now unable to work. Very upset that I'm ignored and now unable to contribute 40% to the taxman!

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