This fabric is lush

This fabric is lush

Well I found this fabric on amazon on sale, though wow that would make a beautiful Christmas dress its gorgeous, well that was a bad idea, omg it was a right nightmare to work with, I tried to do ma rolled hem but the big embroidered bits got jammed in the machine foot, so tried to carefully cut them out, left big holes, tried to do a French seam, nope didn't work, aurghhhhh lost head so many times, I had to settle with a double rolled hem which wasn't the look I wanted, but hey ho things don't always work out to plan. End result could be better, so having to send panties with it.

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  • It's lovely x

  • Isn't she looking get some panties for her though!! Days are getting chillier.....xx

  • Lol, lady is happy with wee white knickers I used to model the top half for fit. Was meant to do 3 layers but that fabric just got on my nerves

  • It does look absolutely wonderful though! :) :)

  • It's very pretty and you have a lot of patience to do that, I would have shoved it all in the bin as soon as it started jamming up the machine lol..

    Luv Jan xx

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