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Morning Warriors..My Son is doing a 5K run, 500 steps & a 20m abseil to raise funds & awareness for FMS. He HATES running so this is a personal achievement too. His target was £100 but he has raised £120 in the 11st 24hrs!! I have suffered for 32 years (since I was 16) so to have FMS recognised & supported for me has been a long time coming. Just wanted to share my excitement & start the day with something positive...Sending gentle hugs to you all xx

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  • Wishing your son all the best and thank him from us for his great effort... he is so brave doing an abseiIl , I am terrified of heights!! Good luck :)

  • EEEK. likewise. well done and all the best from me. I take it you'll be watching? XX

  • No wonder you are a proud Mum, That is a fantastic thing to do and just shows how much he thinks of you. Wish him all the best from me, especially for the abseil, that would terrify me :)

  • All best wishes to him...Is this a one off challenge he is doing on his own or through an organisation? If it his own has he thought of going on the website where he says what he is doing and what it is for and it is then open for many others to donate. My son in law did this for Help for Heroes and raised much more money that expected. Good luck....x

  • All the best to your son, and proud Mummy.xx

  • You have every right to be proud! ! This tells me your son loves you and wants to show it.Take care. Peck.🐤

  • That is absolutely wonderful and I want to sincerely wish you both all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for the both of you.


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