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Hospital closures?

Just heard on news that there maybe hospitals closing .

This is not a clinical decision it was said but a financial one.

This is terrible. If you have say 3 hospitals in a defined space one maybe shut.

Imagine if you will if the nearest hospital to you is axed to save ££££ .

Already many 'local' hospitals have closed over the years so going for the next nearest hospital will be

a. Further away which means a bus (if you can manage them) or car/taxi.

b. This may mean longer waiting times.

c. A chaos of a car park. . Then there is the car parking charges!!!!

Oh bigger is better they have muted. But is it?

I need a wheelchair with volunteer to get me to clinics at a big area hospital, getting access to a hospital wheelchair is not easy.

I do not require use of a wheelchair around my home ,I cannot self propel.

Progress is not always improvement it seems. Closing some hospitals is not for the likes of us with sometimes multiple conditions.

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I agree with you as a retired NHS worker I have seen so much waste... Its monsterous to close local hospitals its false economy as the bigger places will be overwhelmed with new patients, bigger waiting lists, longer wait for results, more staff, bigger wage bills and cleaning staff the list is endless; it just moves the debt they are in around the Country. Our Government welcomed people in distress and so do I BUT it needs the finance to cover it too and that's why the local hospitals are broke!


My GP surgery is shutting very soon so I have just moved to different surgery but the surgery I moved to still can't give an appointment for 2/3 weeks. The local hospital already covers a vast area and the parking is horrendous both space and cost. When are they going to realise that you can only cut the cloth so far before things fall apart. enough is enough!


I saw this on the news as well. I cannot perosnally see how it is going to benefit patients at all. It is a case of reducing services to improve services? Doesn't make any sense to me!


When we first moved to the area we live in there were four hospitals plus a burns unit nearby. Gradually they have all been closed and everything put in one large hospital. The parking charges there are horrendous, assuming you can actually find a space! People are expected to walk vast distances within this hospital, and some of those most seriously ill often have to walk the furthest. It is a maze and they have volunteers to try and help those who are lost. Waiting times at clinics seem to be getting longer and longer. Many times appointments are cancelled and re-arranged for months later. How is this progress?

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