when i was about twelve i went to work with my dad for the day. he worked as a market constable on the vauxhall bridge road, london. anyway we went out for a break because dad wanted a cigarette, whilst we were out there, we looked over the balcony to see Paddy the road sweeper toiling away, dad said hello and they had a quick chat.

Some hours passed and i accompanied dad outside again and once again Paddy was sweeping he courtyard again, my dad said "I thought you did that earlier Paddy"

Paddy's reply " I'm doing it again coz i'm not in tomorrow"

How i loved that great irishman, god rest his soul xx

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  • 👍😀

  • There is a definate logic in that.x

  • Sounds as if that was a great time for you as the memories are still so clear....glad they have remained so vivid.Peck🐤

  • Very amusing, thank you for sharing :) :)

  • lol, hope it was twice as tidy and lasted 2 days lol

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