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about the responses that i was givin to my questions i asked earlier

thanks for the replys,dont get chest pains,had a monitor fitted last wk for a day,just to check my heart,hopefully the results come bk all good,forgot to ask,does anybody get a feeling that something is crawling round there spine or neck its a really weaird feeling,had this problem for ages,ive had a  stroke just after christmas had scans in hospital,been bk everything

 is all good ,but this sensation is strang,going to my gp on the 22 nd so will tell him allthe problems im having,my health is getting worse,got an hospital app very soon about my depresstion,and maybe they can give me help for that.


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Hi walterhollis

I genuinely hope that your heart results come back well for you. I am so sincerely sorry to read that you had a stroke late last year and I hope that it is all okay now?

Good luck with your doctors appointment and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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I  have that feeling  it's like I have bugs crawling under my skin all over. Nerves is what is causing  mine they say and I see these bumps move under my skin was very scarry and shocking when I first seen it but it is knots in my muscles that is causing  that problem. Massage with magnesium oil has been  helping  some. I also mix up dries crushed muster seeds, Epsom salt n a couple drops of eucalyptus oil. Mix well together and add about 1/4 cup to your hot bath water. Good luck at your doctor's and hope you get to feelingbetter.  Prayers and hugs sent your way.


very intresting reply,so im not the only one,mine feels like worms crawling around my spine and neck,when i get this.its intense,and a really horriable feeling,thanks for the reply,this is a good you no what its called as wont to look more into this as puzzled y we get this feeling?.

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Yes I get this along my spine and across my back my GP said it was the nerves in my spine being pinched as I have osteo arthritis in my spine.  It is a very strange sensation, I also sometimes get a heat beat that seems inside my spine.  I am used to it now and it has never got any worse but initially it was quit scary.x

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