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Good morning all sins up skies blue it's going to be a good day as so far I can move, not pain free but with out crawling n wanting to cry bonus. Thank you all so much for info on Epsom salts, don't know if I've said in the past but I'm refusing the pain meds, which I know annoys my docs and rheumatologist, probably why he didn't send me another appointment, maybe lol. I take paracetamol only when I can't cope no more, yup found out I'm allergic to codine and had that swelling in the throat I can't breath experience, so meds scare me, this is why when I read about epsoms I wanted to know if it was real. I am wired I guess cos I go to docs all the time especially now my hips n knees keep giving way then refuse the meds. I have loads of unopened bottles, I took initially gabapentine anatrptaline etc but cannot bring myself to try them. I still get pain easing from parcetamol, not relief but it makes the pain bareable. So please if you know of any other good natural remedies please let me know, as like every one else on the days I can't cope I need more than I'm taking but I suffer instead xxxxxx ok yup biggest woos on planet lol ps have a fab day all xxxxxxx

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If only we could bottle sunshine ....the pain is still there but I feel somuchbetter

Gentle hugs

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It may be worth going to a couple of the health stores and talking to them? Maybe they could suggest something for you to try? I want to gneuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)


Have you tried magnesium supplements...there are lots of different ways to take it, it. Capsules or spray? Acupuncture, forever living aloe vera drinks, and topical ointments such as pernaton have all been suggested to me. Also a friend was telling me about flexiseq, it is drug free but has magical anti-inflammatory properties reducing pain and much more, she has had fantastic results and can now get her rings back on which only ever usually happens when in the sun.

Hope some of this helps. :-D

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Thank you magnesium seams like a well tried remedy will try some spray thank you xxxxx


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