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Help with meds please

Hi all, I got app at docs on fri, withdrawn off my old meds, hell i must add!, I say I don't want meds but not gona rule it out, need help with sleep what do guys recommend please.

Kind regards Nicki x

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I know I am not the norm on here but I get 7 hours sleep a night... I have had fibro for over 20 years it's only the last 4 I sleep through the night. How is it possible? My gp changed my meds at 10pm every night I take 75 mg dosulepin ( anti depressant ) and 0.5 mg clonezapam (muscle relaxant) I am not depressed but the combination of the two scramble the pain signal to my brain and make me relaxed and sleepy. I wake up about 6 am stiff and hands red and swollen like claws but I can deal with that takes about 2 hours to get started but the sleep makes all the other symptoms bearable. Don't know if it will work for you but if you are off meds it might be worth your while to ask your gp if he thinks a combination of anti depressants and muscle relaxants at night would be worth you trying ... There are lots of diferent anti depressants and muscle relaxants I just mentioned the above as they suit me ... Have tried other anti depressants and they don't suit.. Dosulepin is a very old and cheap tablet ....there are newer ones... But.. As my dr says its very thoughtful of me to be suited to such cheap medicine :)

The only other meds I take are painkillers as needed some days I take more some days less

And I do have trigger point injections in shoulders and neck and back every 3 months .

Hope that helps xx


Hi i have never heard of these trigger point injections. I'm seeing the Gp today so going to ask about them.

thanks for the info


Just to add I get the trigger point injections at the pain clinic my gp referred me to them and they suggested I would benefit from these injections and they do help the pain


I agree about the Dosulepin - it really helps me sleep. My rheumatologist recommended that I take my Tramadol together with a dose of paracetamol, and the combination is very helpful.

Apparently, the drug manufacturers have produced a combi pill of these two relatively inexpensive drugs, and wouldn't ya just know it, it costs a bomb!

Anyway, I am sure your GP would be happy for you to try taking Tramadol with paracetamol ... the separate doses won't cost his practice much at all! xxx


I take Mitazipine anti-depressant and relaxant in one, I have had no side effects from it unlike amitriptiline . but it is a bit trail and error with meds

But I would advise you get on and anti-depressant as it keeps your serotonin levels up and they are constantly being depleted with our over fired nerves and serotonin affects our moods.


Wasn't going to go back on anti d but from what you say it seems like a good idea, doc has one in mind for me can't remember name, begins with D she says it has proven to work with fib

Regards nicki


Hi ladymoth nice to find someone else on dosulepin it's the only one I can tolerate and when It appears on my records at any hospital appt they look shocked that I should be on a such an old type anti depressant ... They have tried to put me on a newer ones and they have all been useless... I now say to them If it ain't broke don't fix it. Unfortunately tramadol doesn't agree with me .... I was so excited when my dr suggested I try it as I saw so many people take it .... Bahhhhh of course it didn't agree with me so I am taking dihydrocodeine for the pain as and when needed seems to be ok :)


I used to take Dosulepin but found after a while it didn't help me, so I switched to 50mg Amitriptyline and they help me eventually drop off to sleep. Much better than anything else I've tried so far. :)


this is something that gives you an idea of medications used for FM sufferers

UK Fibromyalgia - Medicationwww.ukfibromyalgia.com/treatments/medication.html


Thank you will have a look

Nicki x


hi,i have been given phenergan tablets,non addictive,i have found them very effective..i dont take one every night,and more often than not i just take half a tablet as the next day can be a bit hangovery if you understand that!lol...hope that helps xxx


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