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Change of GP

Change of GP

I am so fed up with the lack of care at my GPs which I have been with for 16 years that I have tried to change GPs this morning and been told by the other surgeries in town that it is not possible to change as each surgery has such huge waiting lists, so what do I do? I have been waiting for two months for a referral to a rheumatologist, not even had the referral letter yet and I know there is a huge waiting list. I waited 8 months for the pain psychologist appointment only to be told I can only have 12 appointments even though she agreed I needed more. My meds are completely ineffective, and my asthma is now a daily bind due to being given meds that should not have been given to someone with breathing problems. I am stuck at home and climbing the walls, I just don't know how to help myself or who to turn to, there just seems to be barriers every where. Sorry for the rant, just so fed up with the system. Gentle hugs!

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I am sorry to see you are having troubles. Waiting lists can be very long but most hospitals try and see you with in 8/12 weeks if they can.

If you feel it has taken along time try ringing the secretary of the rheumatologist see if you are on the waiting list and see if she can put you on a cancellation list so you get an appointment.

I don't like suggesting this but if all else ails go to Accident and Emergency and you can get to see a doctor to help you sort your medication.

Please remember that we do not slate people who are doing their best to look after us just as we dont name names, do you understand what I mean.

I don't know if this has helped you at all if not someone will be along in a minute or two with ideas.




is there any one GP at your practice that is better than the others? If so, you can ask that they be your preferred GP.

Regrading the Pain clinic. I had the 12 appointments and at the end I was offered more help. I had a few months wait but it was worth it.

I am still waiting fro my referral letter for the eye clinic. I gather they have 18 weeks to act once they have received the referral letter from the GP. You could ring up rheumatology and ask if you can be put on the cancellation list and also ask where you are in the waiting list.

Gentle hugs


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Awww Sophie I am sorry that you are having problems. I have no advice i m afraid, just lots of hugs and I hope that some one will be able to help you. sue xxx


Hi sophie22

I am so sorry to read that you are having to wait these lengths of time and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. It may be worth making a few phone calls to the hospital departments that you are waiting to see and asking them if they can do anything? If they are aware of how urgent your need is maybe they could pull a few strings?

It is always worth ringing your local NHS head departments / Social Services and / or NHS Trust, and asking about other GP surgeries? As it could be that their waiting lists aren't as bad as they are making out and they just do not want any new patients?

Good luck

Ken x


You could speak to your local Clinical Commissioning Group and explain to them that you think a change of GP in a new practice would give you a new person to re-evaluate your condition, and they might allocate you a new doctor, because you will be giving up a space at your surgery for someone else. You won't be able to choose the doctor but the CCG are legally required to ensure you have a GP. If that doesn't work, then just put your name on the waiting list at all the surgeries and see which one comes up first. I guess the waiting lists at each surgery consist of the same people who put their name down everywere as they are like you desperate, so the waiting lists probably aren't as long a you think because if someone has an offer, then they remove their name from all of the other lists. To get in touch with the CCG as your doctor's receptionist for the contact details. Good luck!


Thank you everyone for your advice, will look into things.


Wow, I would call them every day and ask what their problem is??? That's just unacceptable. You need to be referred to a pain clinic. Hope this helps sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi


are there any walk-in centres where you live? we have those and you just turn up and they fit you in.

do ring the rheumy's secretary, not appointments people, as she has more options.


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