Hi My name is Sarah, i have recently been diagnosed with Fibro and Joint Hyper Mobility syndrome.

I have been brousing this site for the last week or so and have to say it is fantastic to know that i am not alone in feeling the way i do

Reading some of your blogs made me realise that i have very probably suffered for a few years and not realised it, and some things that i have and suffer from that some of you have also experience i didn't realise were possibly connected.

I also have a very supportive Doctor and fiance who have been wonderful

It's so nice to find somewhere where we can share our experience and our ups and down

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  • Great to have another new member like myself Sarah.I find this great having someone who understands what your going threw and help eachother out..

  • check out hmsa website has the most amazing forum

  • Hi another newbie, can I ask what the hmsa site is.


  • Hi i too am new to this site. I joined last wk it is a real eye opener to all that we suffer, and just take for granted!

  • Thank you all for your kind words and messages. apologies for the lateness of my reply but i've either been busy or most likely asleep... which i do seem to do quite a lot xx

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