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Thanks to FODMAP and (at last) effective medication I am very

Much better than I used to be. However I still get the occasional

Flare-up, like today. My question is does anyone know of an

Effective painkiller to take for pretty severe abdominal pain?

Something like Paracetamol has no effect whatsoever. would

Be interested in hearing what fellow sufferers advise.

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Hello there

To be completely honest with you, I think you should contact your surgery as soon as possible and see if you can get an emergency appointment today.

As it is the weekend it would be much better to try to get it sorted out now.

Please can you let us know how you get on.

Wishing you calmness and peace

Lu xx


Just to say thanks for your kind concern. As you will see from my replies to Ken and Katherine, my posting was misleading. I have had IBS for over 20yrs, but only found a way of dealing with the symptoms a couple of yrs ago with diet and effective medication. I have only the occasional bad day like the other day. I only took paracetamol as it was the only thing to hand although I knew it just is not the answer for my IBS abdominal pain. I was just curious to know if anyone could recommend a good antispasmodic. I knew I'd be ok next day. I. Have learned from past experience that even when symptoms were much worse and more prolonged, a visit to the GP

Proved futile (the words Chocolate Teapot springs to mind) Whenever IBS was mentioned, disinterest immediately followed. I hope that attitude is changing, but that's what it was like for me, anyway thank you again. Helen37


I am so sorry that you are having so much pain still with everything and its not being managed. Abdominal pain is quite tough to deal with, especially when there is no relief . I agree with the other reply that's on here. You need to tell the doctor that you are in severe pain and that the medicine you have is not working at all. That is the best route, at this time, since you are in kind of a crisis pain right now. I know it is hard to do, but you are the best advocate for yourself. So be specific, and ask for what you need and then let the Dr reply. Explain that the medicine is not working and that you are in complete discomfort that affects your sleep....if that is applicable. Hopefully, he will hear/ see you and do something to help you or offer a solution of some sort. With love and care for you today and I hope that you are given some

comfort/ solution soon.


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Hi Katherine. Thank you for you reply. I now think that my posting was misleading. Paracetamol is ok for a headache etc. but wrong type of painkiller for flare up of IBS. See my reply to Ken. From experience I knew that I would be fine next day. I just wondered if anyone knew of a good anti-spasm product I could take on these (thankfully) rare occasions.

Thank you so much for your kind concern. Helen37

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I did not know that....thanks for information on that medicine. And yes, a great back spasm medication would be a Godsend of late.:)


I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I also think that your other respondents are right. To have a pain that does not react at all to pain medications needs to be looked at by a professional. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Thank you for your reply. I do not think I gave a clear description re. flare-up and painkillers. Up until a few years ago I was frequently. In A & E where I was given morphine as the pain was so bad. Now due to diet and correct medication for me, I am able to control symptom of IBS with just the occasional bad day. I was just curious to know if anyone knew of an effective anti-spasmodic to get me through these rare occurrences. Even in the past when my symptoms were much worse, visits to the GP always proved a waste of time. I received no help whatsoever, and consequently,

would end up in the dreaded A & E. I do hope that GPs' attitude towards IBS is changing, albeit slowly..

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Hi helen what diet are you following and what meds work for you ?I am stuck what to try next thakyou john


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