In need of some advice

I was in work yesterday and stupidly had heels on after a few hours my feet was so painful I couldn't walk so I changed to flats but that didn't help. I managed to get home but my feet and bottom of my legs are so badly swollen I can't walk. I've taken my normal gabapentin and some normal paracetamol but they are so painful I could cry. Does anyone have any advice to what might help as got to go back to work at 3.

Thanks in advance xx

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  • It certainly won't help in time for getting to work later but keep your feet elevated. It will gradually help. It is a painful problem. You have my sympathies 🐸

  • Thanks for your help I will just try and stay off it as much as possible x

  • Try to raise your bare feet higher than your hips. If you have someone with you then ask if they would massage or rub your feet with some moisturiser.

    It may give you some relief, fingers crossed.

  • for future get some alegia shoes you can pick them up cheaply on ebay virtually unused they have amazing removable and scrubbable support soles an you can get new insoles for them you can also buy wide fitting insoles that make the shoes even bigger . the palomas are about a half size bigger than you would normally take so measure well the rest are about the same . get a foot bath fab for when your feet are aching and swollen i use one with sea salt and some essential oil . i would like a giant foot bath to jump in lol for the rest of my aching body .i cant used the bath as i cant get down into it and if i did be stuck forever lol

    oh how i wish i could have a long soak . need to get a sitz bath installed i think


  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this and as everyone else suggest elevating your feet should help but not enough time since you have to go back to work. I sincerely hope that work went okay for you and that you are resting your feet now. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

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