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Gd morning fibromyalgians

My docter asked to stop all the medication i take the make appointment to him .to start from simple is that

1.i am addicted to dihydrocodeine

2.i can work without my medication

3.i have to keep cool around my kids and wife.

How simple is that

God help me and help my docter to understand me.

After all today its new day .


The practice of medical profession apart from surgery.80% (may be more) is theory.

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Hi jamel,

I see from your profile that you had a conversation around this subject just a couple of days ago. In that conversation you were given two lots of information, which may well have given you mixed messages. i strongly suggest that if you are not happy with withdrawal from the dihydrocodeine but that your GP is insisting that you do, that you ask for a second opinion from another doctor in the practice.

There have been changes within the last few months with regards to the amount of opioids we are allowed to have in our system and still be safe to drive with. This may well be why your GP is wanting you to come off it, though I would also say one should never stop taking medication unless it is with a planned reduction. Just cutting them out all in one go can result in fitting and even, death (dependant on what and how much you are taking). I am no medic but this is advice I have been given by my GP as I was concerned because I am on various opioids, but at a level where I am still safe to drive. If I have a flare, and have increase my intake I stop driving until I have reduced back down to my maintenance level.

I really do suggest that you seek a second opinion or speak with your own GP to work out a sensible reduction schedule and have in place sufficient other pain medication so that you are able to keep on top of your pain.

Sending lots of positive healing and soothing vibes 😊

Foggy x


Great advice as usual my dear foggy!!


Thank you Regno 👍🏻😃😘

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Hi mate thanks the positive life is very busy .u agree that we are all different.some of us suffer more from fibromyalgia then others.

for example:

If i was single .work part time( do light job).i suffer less

Thats the point i was trying to expose.

The docters should get involved more about the way of life of the fibromyalgians.

Peace ✌

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Or guess work!

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I think that Foggy has summed it up so I will just genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

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