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Is anyone liking "I am a celebrity get me out of here"

I HAVNT watched it for a few years, same old has been's, more or less the same trails, not much really they can change, it's all down to the celebs, they get in. Well since its been a while I thought well maybe give it a go, it wasn't that bad, maybe watch a few more before I turn over, then along comes the 2 mouth almighty's and gods gift to women, well I might watch a few more, what does anyone ESLE think ??????

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  • Sorry but I can't abide the program. As far as I'm concerned it's trash tv. One of those excruciatingly pointless manufactured programmes that pass as entertainment. They are usually either full of no hopers that are desperate for their five minutes of fame, or has been celebrities that are far too full of themselves. I'd rather watch the grass grow. In that I also class Big Brother, X factor, TOWIE and the Apprentice amongst others.

    No offence meant, but you did ask what we think!

  • You and I clearly think the same, I can't bear soaps or any of the things you've mentioned, in fact the television is rarely on in my cottage these days. I listen to the radio and do colouring or spend time speaking to friends, much better entertainment!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜˜

  • Yes largely. There are some of those types of programmes that I quite like. Strictly or Bake Off for instance because they actually involve some skill and seem to bring out the best in people. It's the ones full of back biting nasty people who are always trying to get one over their "fellow" competitors I can't stand. Especially Apprentice. That one seems to be full of self important back stabbing big heads who I personally would never employ in a million years.

    Personally I'm not a big radio fan, my husband is though. Though I did used to enjoy Sandy Toksvig in the News programme (can't think of it's proper name) and Just a Minute and other similar ones. But the telly programmes I like are either educational about history or nature or travel, or costume dramas or involve the more pleasant things in life. There's far too much nastiness out there as it is without watching it for so called entertainment.

  • Did u enjoy Downton Abbey, I loved it to disappear into another era for an hour every week, just my cup of tea. For me it all started years ago watching a series with my mum called Upstairs Downtstairs I can't remember any names but I can still see many of the characters in my head, the head butler (I remember him being Scottish) the head maid, cook, etc. Few months back I watched a documentary on Netflix about the big house they film from, sadly like all big houses, most of the rooms etc were closed down due to needing extensive repairs, I would love to be in that house just for a day running in and out of the rooms, especially all the little corridors were the servants had to hide away from family. My brother and I were brought up in the world of glamouris ballroom dresses and tales, as we learned how to dance from an early age, and spent many weekends in compensations, and learning routines through the week, that was the nearest I got to living the old life

  • Yes I did enjoy Downton Abbey too. Like you say it was a good one for losing yourself in a different era. I was a little bit young to be watching the original Upstairs Downstairs but I did enjoy the remake that was on a few years ago. I do like those sorts of things to like, the Village and Mr Selfridge. My brain fog is a bit problematic this morning and I can't remeber the names of the other two I was going to mention. The one about the first department store with the young shop girl whose uncle has the dressmakers opposite and she goes on to marry the owner of the department store. And the other one was the one with the young lad whose dad runs a small farm and they are struggling, his brother is killed in WW1, or was that the Village. Anyway as long as they don't get too soapy they are just my cup of tea too.

    Margaret :)

  • It was novel the first few times, but like so many shows, the longer they run, the less interesting they become and they have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get "celebrities" to do them. It gets a big thumbs down from me, and I certainly am not watching it !! πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

  • We watched the first one, it was like watching paint dry, doesn't matter how they try change it around, there's no excitement we all know what comes next, the one thing I noticed u can now vote for free next there being offering us free holiday competitions to watch it. I also think X factor had its day, if Simon never come back and Cheryl, think that would have also well died. Come British tv close these programs down, stop paying for Ant and Dec to have months in the sun, and overpaid judges, give us all something new, before we all die of boredom.


  • The only reality programme I watch is Bake Off and Strictly where they actually have to learn a skill, this programme just consists of sitting around slagging each other off. and eating poor defenceless bugs and animals, what a load of .........πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž. πŸ˜ƒ

  • Ah yes, there are exceptions to the rules, I too like the Bake Off and Strictly, but I tend to record Strictly so that I can fast forward through all the inbetween bits. It also means I don't have to be glued to the television at any particular time. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • I have to admit that I do not watch any reality TV shows, I find them quite false and depressing! I love a really good nature documentary though :)

  • I like shows which feature skills, Strictly, Bakeoff and just at the moment The Great Throwdown is interesting.

    Apart from that, documentaries, period drama and current affairs are my programmes of choice.

  • I loved the recent Poldark and watch Doctors every lunchtime. It's my half hour and I will not be disturbed, I do have to watch it on iplayer sometimes though.

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