Good vibes from TV?

It has to be said that when you have a long term chronic illness

the box in the corner can be a great source of entertainment/stimulation.

So now do we actually benefit from the television?

Simple idea.....Which programme yesterday gave you the best vibes?

Comedy- what programme?

Sport........ which event?

Drama.......who was it about?

I suggest replies include pre recorded programmes and on any multi channel you receive.

So my choice (maybe Ken's as well) England Cricket ODI against Pakistan. Riveting and wow so many records busted.

14 Replies

  • netflix.........................stranger things series 1 was gripping in some ways, found the kid parts tedious, the young girl 11 however outstanding acting. 8/10 pretty good, well cant of been that bad watched entire series hehe

  • I agree with woopcushen, Netflix stranger things! Wouldn't pic it out on my own but son and girlfriend said try it . Did like it!👻👾😲

  • was pretty good wasnt it. i saw it advertised on fb, id been bored and wondering what to watch, thought hmmmm ill give it a go if no good turn it off, watched entire series lo

  • Hi yeah I liked it ! son knows I'm up at nite all nite sometimes. And in two nites was through it. Looking for season two 👻

  • season 2 wont be out till middle of next year :(

  • Way to long! What to watch when your up all nite😞 have to ask son for more late nite goodies, let you know if he comes up with one. Chris

  • thank you :) i need something as well lol

  • cespinosa i am now wathing shadow hunters, bit hmmmmm but its not that bad, ive watched worse. girl finds out shes a demon hunter when she hits 18. way way different and better than buffy lmao very different from charmed too. im giving it a go, so will let you know if it gets better lol

  • Woopcushen,i s that Netflix too? I was going to check out one called bloodline and one called Jonathan strange & Mr norrell .I'll check out shadow hunters. Thanks😊

  • yes it certainly is :)

  • I was tempted to say the cricket? But I watched David Attenboroughs ''Life in the Undergrowth!'' I found it absolutely engrossing! :) :)

  • I really enjoy murder mysteries my favourite just now is One of us on bbc on Tuesday at 9pm.

  • I know it sounds sad but I enjoy watching Fantasy Homes by the Sea, especially those filmed abroad, a little bit of escapism with beautiful scenery.

  • We tend to record a whole series then watch it over a couple of days. That way we remember who's who and what has happened! Also enjoying the reruns of old dramas. Just love Waking the Dead with Peter Boyd heading for mania as often as not, but the stories are great.

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