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ok the silly o'clock club

its the silly o'clock club again peeps it is always the same you get one thing sorted and another pulls you back in ( sorry about the pun) if you mist it with fibro fog the god farther 3 . but we will all get there , this is the fun time as the tv seem to put such ad tv on when we have these nights have you all notest. and to make things wars we stay up watching the sh-*^^ which makes things just so bad .. but you must agree that when we watch them it makes me think well I am not that bad at the mo we sorry I am watching a very silly thing called my sister had my boyfriends baby so you must all be thinking yaaaaa I am not having my sisters baby see things are not as bad as we think .

just think how bad you must be to put these things on tv it is as bad as jeramy kile have you notest on ther they all have no teeth and all have no job you watch next time it is on they are all gummy and dole dossers fun just so sad . when I feel down and I need to make me feel good I watch that and none of us are that bad

you will feel so good about yourself after that . Hay lisen to me I am woffeling on like an old woman hay I am but I play make belive I an a tall THIN 21 year old hahahahahahahaha I do have a good imagenation its great and if I take my meds I even belive it

so I am going to have a 21st birthday are you all coming we can drink and dance the night away and then the next day we can all go and do a marathon what do you all think are you all ujp for it

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It all sounds great to me! As we are in make believe, I am now 18 and old enough to drink so I will come along to your 21st birthday bash! Just one promise though? None of the guests from the Jerry Springer show are invited are they? As I genuinely could not face that!

On a lighter note, I think you would be more alarmed if I said I was having my sisters boyfriends baby?

Take care my friend

Ken :)


Well i am fashionably late but wearing my shades at night made it so dark I could not read the directions.

Can I bring some people from Judge Judy especially the young man from the south who says yes ma'am. He has his own teeth and hair.

Oh I am 24 again . A good year.


I'm in the happy position of being a twin and once we hit 50 I decided my brother could carry on going forward, but that I would go backwards so I'm really on to a winner hehehe 😃😃😃


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