Does anyone have any helpful tips. To help with Sciatica Symptoms. Had 20 years of long term Lower Disc problems. Fibromyalgia Diagnosed 8 Years Ago. On Butrans Morphine. Try other Herbal Medicines. Can't Take Any Other Stronger Pain Relief. Just Feels like Left Side plugged into Electricity. ( Sorry my explanation but Feels like this) Appreciate Any ideas . 😒😀

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  • sometimes while lying i find it help reduce pressure on lower discs if i pull my knees up so i am in the foetal position. it helps sometimes but not always .other times forcing myself to move and stretch can help. hopefully some one here may have better tips. best wishes.

  • Thanks For Your Suggestion, with Give a Try. Many Thanks for your Reply. XX

  • I like to put a pillow under my knees. I also have a body pillow I use. Have you tried a Tens or Ems unit? Heating pad is a must for me!

  • I use a TENS Machine as I have a compressed Sciatic nerve which really is painful at times. I also do gentle exercises for my sciatic nerve area. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken have been trying Ten's Again!! Having to Rest more As Pain So Bad. Hopefully See Physio next week.😁😀

  • I also find a long soak with Epsom bath salts helps x

  • Emma Thanks Just managed to get To Health Shop Today Bought These Thanks. X 😀

  • Gentle Yoga stretches can be helpful, also massage. I visit a chiropractor too, which helps my lower back. It might be too strong for you if you have lots of spinal damage. Best wishes MariLiz

  • Thanks MariLiz not Tryed a Yoga .

  • I try combinations of all of the above apart from the chiropractor, I would have tried the chiropractor but had been told by my doctor because of other problems in my back it could be too harsh a treatment for me but a friend swears by it. It is a horrible feeling and you think that if you could just strerch something or move in a certain way you could untrap the nerve which is causing the problem. I think for me the physio exercises do help if I persevere but often seems to make it more acute before it eases that is why I mentioned the perseverance bit.

    Do hope it eases soon for you.x

  • Thanks Rosewine All the Best To You Also.x

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