my patchwork cover/consultant

my patchwork cover/consultant

this I started over 30years ago with all good intentions of completing it -but raynauds and carpal tunnel syndrome plus lost interest when started cross stitching prevented me doing so.

saw consultant today re hands -said CTS and do a nerve induction(or conduction?)before op.told him didnt know how much was CTS,raynauds or something else.

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  • Anbuma, all that hand patchwork it is so difficult not only on the hands but the eyes.

    I did a small sample many years ago and thought NO it's not for me.

    You could use a machine and invisible thread with a very fine zig zag,, I have seen some of the work at the patchwork guild done this way and you really have to search to see the stitches.

    But it still means an uncomfortable position over a sewing machine which may not be great for your neck, shoulders and upper back.

    I limit my sewing now to only the very necessary stuff for myself, but at one time loved Italian quilting, Traditional Upholstery, Lamp shades, and Hand Interlined Curtains,, I wish I was still able to do it.

    Best Wishes, Ray

  • Hi Ray.i used to have a sewing machine but got rid of it cos couldnt thread or see to thread the needle plus hands useless.the last thing i made were curtains for my house.i struggle to see when cross stitching.

  • This is beautiful. It is too bad about your hands, but maybe you can get some use returned and work on it a little at a time. I have bilateral CTS and physiotherapy helped quite a bit. I also do some elf-massage on them. It has gotten better since I first was diagnosed in 2004. But even now as I type, my right hand gets cold. I have both carpal and ulnar tunnel in that one, lol. I have to pace myself doing any kind of fine work.

  • what is ulnar tunnel ive not heard of that but guess its to do with further up the arm?

  • The radial artery and nerves are on the right side of the hand, the ulnar is on the left. There is a tunnel on the right which is more of a "tunnel," and this is the Carpal Tunnel. The ulnar tunnel is more open, less restrictive, but it can also cause blockage of the nerves on that side. So that is ulnar tunel syndrome. I guess it is more rare, but I imagine it is also underdiagnosed in finding CST, but I don't know that for a fact.

  • WOW! It must have took you ages to do this? It is brilliant!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • hi ken lets see.started around 1975??i last remember doing some around 1984 in my meal breaks at work.involves lots of cutting of hexagon shapes.from backing paper to material.

  • Hi anbuma, lovely patchwork, it does not really matter how long we take to do a piece of work it the pleasure of doing it, I find it takes my mind off the pain. Can I ask a daft question, what is the difference between quilting and patchwork? I have just signed up with the U3A for January for a patchwork class, looking forward to some company and learning how to do patchwork. Gentle hugs!

  • could private message angelseven.she mentioned she does quilting?

  • Hi Sophie

    Patchwork is cutting out your pieces of fabric and sewing them together to form your 'block'. Blocks are then sewn together to form the top of the top of your quilt. You then make a sandwich of the top, waddling (middle) and backing. These layers are then basted together. Quilting is stitching through the layers to hold it all together. Hope that makes sense. You will have a wonderful time at your class in the USA.

    With kind regards.

    Any questions please ask

  • hi ive never done quilting but patchwork is literally sewing patches together and quilting will have some some sort of padding between top and bottom fabric and stitch around shapes so they stand out .maybe you could message the person who stitched the quilt or google quilting.

  • Thanks that makes sense, I have only ever quilted doll, pram covers would like to try one for a bed.

  • I love making quilts but had to stop because my hands got bad. The last one I finished just over a year ago is now on my cousins bed. I have a part finished one which I feel I ought to try to do some more on and you have motivated me to get it out of the cupboard. Looks like my sewing machine is going to see daylight again. Thank you. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • I remember starting mine when I lived at home to go on my bed and I left home at 24 when bought my first flat,that would have been around 1982/3.

  • It's beautiful!

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