A bit late. Either that or I've posted them in my sleep

Hi All

Well I made it........mid flare!

Gig was bloody good on Wednesday, the best way I could think to share the pics was by posting a public set of pics. !

Morphine kept the pain down and I basically slept all of yesterday. Got a few chest aches today where I squashed against the barriers. But apart from that not too bad.


Some not too bad ones on there.


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  • Love the pics thanks for sharing and so pleased you had a great time xx

  • Thanks for the reply

    The gig is, at this very moment, getting it's revenge.

    Yesterday I only think I was awake for 2 hours. But it was worth it.

  • It's called old age mate hahahahahahahhaa

  • You giving me gip?

    Watch it or I'll be up up there and beat you to death with my bus bus. Xxx

  • Hahahahaha go for it old man x

  • I am so pleased you were able to get to your gig and enjoyed yourself. I think 5 hours standing would be enough for a fit person let alone someone with firbo so I think you did brilliantly ato cope so well. I think a couple of days of gentle recovering was well earned.x

  • Your photos look brill ,glad you had a good time ,I just realised I liked your pics on face book and your going to wonder who I am ,but am dead jealous you managed a gig. I eldest is off to Cardiff for the weekend as its having it own festival this weekend last band I have seen were kasabian and oasis just before they split ,

    Happy days and good memory's


  • Great pics Peter!

    Glad you enjoyed the gig. I'm taking my youngest to see the Foo fighters at Murryfield in a couple of weeks, like you I'm having a right flare but also like you, I'm going!

    It'll be his first concert, sets the bar high for future concerts, we got seated tickets because I couldn't do the standing and my son is under 14.

    Listening to music is tge one thing fibro can't take away from us! ✌️

  • Youll enjoy that!!! They are one excellent live bad

  • Great pics, thanks for sharing and I am genuinely delighted that you had a wonderful time.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Excellent pics - so glad that you made it and had a great time.

    You deserve a medal for standing for 5 hours - a fit person would be hard pushed to do this .....

    Jane :-)

  • If I stood for half an hour I would have been happy x

  • I think the 60mg MR morphine tablets x2 daily might have helped a little. I think you could have walked up to me and kicked me as hard as you liked in the n/*s and I wouldn't have felt anything.

    Believe me. They work. It's just that you keep forgetting where you've put train ticket. And then I only just woke up in time fo my station at Huntingdon

    Still got there, had a good night and got home again. Not very often I go now. And that time with a flare it did knock me out for 2 1/2 days. But who cares. It was great.

    Pete x

  • Exactly .,, any pleasure or fun is good for us with fybro and other health issues xx

  • This might sound a bit "intellectually highbrow"

    The fun that I normally have is looking for where the hell I left the morphine tablets that I put in a safe place so I wouldn't lose them when I wanted them. Ie now. Without these tablets I believe that I cannot do what it was that I wanted to do coz of the pain that I would be in if I attempted it. So I ignored the possibility of the pain that I don't know that is going to be there, ie I DID attempt it, in other words I would either

    A: find the tablets that I need immediately so that I can perform the task that I wanted to do, coz now I had the tablets that enabled me to not have the pain that the task would have given me.


    B; I can't find the tablets. But out of sheer determination or bloody mindedness I go ahead coz nothing like a little bit of pain is going to stop me right?? Well that's what I tell myself. So I go ahead, but am much much more more careful.

    But in both cases the result is the Same. If I take the tablet the successful outcome occurs but my stress levels are far far less so I'm very inaccurate. The successful outcome occurred coz although I was slightly less accurate I was not inaccurate enough to fail. So because of the tablet I depended on to stop failing did exactly that. Result: pass

    In case 2 no tablet so I become stressed to a higher level. With these extra stress levels, concentration levels go up and inaccuracies go down. Result: pass

    So the placebo effect at a practical level.

    Sorry about that tedious analogy. But aud kicked off an old memory from schooldays. Which regarded the effectiveness and accuracy of work of someone who is protected from prospective pain.

    And some one who isn't protected against the projected pain. They normally would normally both succeeded. But for different reasons. My god I must have been bored to have written that out.

    So every day now I have to play "hunt the tablet" before I do anything. Nah. Not even I'm that stupid lol.

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