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A rant about something else

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Nothing to do with fibro but we live in a village and a young man has managed to get a job in the nearest city. Minimum wage and he was spending a third of his salary on bus fares until this week when the bus from our village to the town have been cancelled so now the only way to get to work are a walk of seven miles, hitching, car or taxi.

This is why our village is losing our young people.

PS he caught two buses the second is still going but the last bus home leaves at 5.35pm.

Also how do you plan an evening out.

8 Replies
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Morning Betty I agree it is very difficult to use public transport well to rely on it!

I live in the country and the buses are good but we are an exception as the buses take us across in and out of England.

I will not go any further as it is easy for a discussion like this to become quickly a political debate and that is not why we are here..... is it.!

Have a good day coffee is rich italian if you fancy joining us on the Coffee ~Chat

x ginsing

The village I am in is the same, there is only two buses a day that go through and none of them are ideal for work. So we all rely on cars and taxi's. I couldn't be without a car!

My sister and her partner were visiting a relative of his who happens to live about 5 miles away from me so I was left doing taxi for them. They live in an area in England where the bus service is very good so couldn't believe that there was no bus running on that articular road :)

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That sucks. He will be a good man from this. Sombody is watching and he will get benefits sometime in his life.It will be a good story to tell his grandchildren one day.


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Oh that's a pain , they wonder why rural life is dyeing ,I live in a small market town ,but townies call it a village ,there are no jobs for the youngesters so they have to leave just as my generation did but some come back to raise children here childhood last longer .hope you are well really tired today ,miss you quotes of the day ,chat soon

Chris xx

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They wonder why villages are dying not everyone is in à position to drive. I wonder if he put a notice in the local papér wheth3r he could get a car share. I know years back I sent my godson money for driving lessons as he lived in a village with a bus that only ran once a day.

To be honest Betty I only for out apart from v3ry short distances at night if someone takes me like last night but by 9 I am so e hausted I want to come back😣 I tend to get ready in stages as well it is like a military operation! We are lucky as it is only a 15 min drive to a station that will take us into Birmingham to see a show but I would never go on my own.

Hope everything is going well for you have only been dipping quickly in and out lately because of house move and àll the illnesses within the family.x😄

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Betty67 in reply to rosewine

Yes I can't use the bus as the nearest bus stop is too far away for me to get to. So bus pass as I am on DLA pointless.

There are a series of villages and so my son's friend is the only one from our village and there are six people on the bus altogether . The taxi to get him home yesterday cost £15, today he is only working part time .

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rosewine in reply to Betty67

Such a pity.x

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That is just typical of how everything appears to work these days. My wife is from Buxton in North Derbyshire and the last bus back to Derby was at 5.30 unless it was a Sunday when it was about 2.30pm. It is no use to anyone.

Take care my friend

Ken x

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