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breakfast club

They had the breakfast club doing detention on a Saturday . so why can't we be the wide awake club

I think we deserve it we get put on the naughty step if we do anything go anywere so hay I thing we deserve a name the fibro crew don't seem to make the right impression that makes us sound well soft when really we are ard not hard as that is not us but we are ard we get up in the morning or we don't sleep but we stay alive and we fight the fight of the strong . what ever they through at us we get up and we keep getting up so what do you think of the ard club if you can think of a better name please hay you stay awakers you non sleepers you dead on you feeters hay if nothing else it will give us something to think about so who ever comes up with a name for the silly o'clockers all is welcome

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The troublers!!! Why because no matter what troubles fibro gives us we live through it!

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I really like that, thanks for sharing this with us all. There is a group of us who call ourselves the supper club as we are usually around late at night / early hours of morning.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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