Give yourself a treat

Hi everyone

Best thing this week was giving myself permission to indulge in a treat!

OK not everyone can afford much so join the club.

I got on a bus a feat in itself and went to town .

Did a bit of business with plenty of stops/rests in between.

Then as I did need a bigger rest before getting on bus I went solo into a cafe and treated myself to a decaff coffee and gorgeous Carrot cake!

So treats are on the list!

7 Replies

  • Sounds great, well done you. Did you save us a piece of carrot cake(ha ha) :) xx

  • I bet you felt a great sense of achievement, glad you managed the trip. Coffee and cake what's not to like. If it was Lemon Meringue that would be even better. When we rest we can just pretend we are watching the world go

  • Love carrot cake mmmmmmm

  • Good for you I am happy to hear you had a good time!

  • Sounds wonderful. I treat myself most of the time so I view my self as a bit of an expert on treats!

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Sounds great to me I'm all for treats me .

  • Been away for w/e and two sets of friends came out with home made cake.....even cream with one...oink oink I will be growing a curly tail like a pig soon!

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