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Hi all, it's Tuesday again, I had a terrible night hurting all over propping my eyes open with matchsticks, hot water bottle on my back, rug over my legs, brain all over the place and grandchildren and dogs coming any second HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!! I'll take a deep breath and I WILL ENJOY MY DAY with my beautiful children they do make me smile with the things they say, just before I go there's just one more thing, please, please don't let the mothers come to pick them up at the same time, they get talking, kids , moms here so we can play longer and another hour goes by while moms catch up. so please remember me today, but I do love the little darlings. X

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Hope you have a lovely day with the grandchildren, I love seeing mine they are what gets me through each day.

But as much as I love them dearly, sometimes can't wait to sit down again xx

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I love having my grandkids visit, and I love having my grandkids go home again and that sums up being a grandparent, you get the best bits :)

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I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you had a wonderful day.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Ken, yes thanks we had a lovely day although raining lots of arts and crafts for girls boys with dens in bedroom consisting of clothes horses and blankets, everybody enjoyed themselves and it was really lovely to be sat around breakfast table and dinner table with so much talking and laughing going on, but there was a lot of rude words and hilarious laughing as you can imagine with their age groups 6 and nearly 9 , bums, poo , willies and breaking wind came into the conversation a lot. Boys will be boys. But from 8/4 and 8/5 another it was a really long day. Brain dead at the end and completely shattered. Both families are going away so have their dogs for them that is what being grandparents are all about to help when can. Best wishes


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