Brain fog oopsy

So out shopping with my mam and I wanted to buy one of those clear glass jar beakers with the lids and straws. My mam pointed to one and asked if I wanted that one and I replied no I need a soldier!!! My mam laughed so much when I finally told her I wanted one with a HANDLE not a soldier. This is happening to me a lot lately where I'll say random words in place of other words. Sometimes it's funny other times people look at me like I'm crazy.

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  • Welcome to my world! My daughter and grandsons have gotten where they translate for me! Otherwise I might never get the right word.

  • Oh poor you, I can really emphasise with you.

    Although must admit that particular reply was very funny-any wonder your Mam was laughing so much.

    I've noticed myself slowing down a lot when I speak now-allowing me time to think and say the correct word.

    Although some folk see that as an opportunity to guess what I was intending to say, which is really frustrating (I've worked with people who stutter and now I'm beginning to understand first hand the emotion felt).

    Maybe I should go with the flow a little more and come out with a few soldiers myself!

    Btw-if you are still looking for the jar/glasses with handles we recently had then in our local poundworld shop.

    Happy hunting. Good luck.

  • Thanks I'll have look next time I'm out in town x

  • This is happening to me more and more, so everything is a wotsit or a thingy now. I think the incorrect word that amuses friends the most is when I confuse seagulls with penguins - can you imagine a row of penguins sitting on the roof waiting to pounce on any titbits put out for the birds. Still, if it makes them laugh then I'm happy.

  • This reminds me of a time a few months ago, me and the Mrs were watching a daytime quiz show. It was a quick question round , one of the questions was , what month was the Valentine's day murder ! To my delight I new the answer, tricky I know...immediately I shouted November !!! ( obviously) then realised , that didn't sound right, followed by laughter from across the room ! Was thinking February but out came November..

    got to laugh😁😁

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that although ti gave me a good laugh (sorry). I have made a few blunders recently and also experienced not being able to remember certain words, and it is infuriating! I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Morning! Yes this happens to me too, quite frequently 😄 x

  • me too, slow speaking to give mouth and brain chance to engage. It is getting harder now but I think that's because I'm back at work and have tried to not let symptoms be obvious, but think need to let the real me out now.

  • Hi I once asked someone what colour water they wanted

    Karen xx

  • So you get where I'm coming from, I hope they laughed as much as my mam did to me and not try to get you an all inclusive pass to your nearest mental facility lol xx

  • When I did a lot of bar work, I asked the customers if they wanted fresh or frozen ice?!?!!

    The reaction you get is great-you can almost see the wheels in the brain going aroundby the look on their face.

    Try it sometime-only now with fibro-we just have remember what question we asked!! Ha ha 😂😂

  • Oh dear... poor you... happens to me a lot... I have to really concentrate and speak slowly sometimes so that the right words come is like my brain wants to say one thing but my mouth has a mind of it's own and says something completely different. I usually make big joke about it and have a laugh to hide my embarrassment!!

    The other thing I do a lot is mix up the first letter of words...

    The other day I said look at those "bummy yuns".. of course I meant yummy buns!!!

    I think the official word for swapping letters of words is Spoonerism ... how ironic when we spend each day "counting spoons" so we don't tire ourselves out :) :)

  • Yeah I've noticed I do that with my words too. I speak quite fast, or it sounds I do in my head, so maybe I need to slow down, I just don't then want people answering for me as this really annoys me ( my mam does it a lot when I've forgotten words and I've seen it happen with older people too) xx

  • I picked up a cushion to show someone and called it a cardigan! I have to laugh about it or I'll cry lol x

  • Me too!

  • The microwave is the refrigerator, the iron is the vacuum. When i try to correct myself I make the same mistake again. with my other half we just have a giggle, but I mis-speak in front of other people too. Sometimes I just want to kick something, I get so mad.

    It doesn't stop me from speaking though, I just carry on. I'm also losing words. I can't find the correct word. I know I know it, I just can't recall it. FIBRO FOG SUCKS THE BIG ONE!!!!

    Don't let it stop anyone from talking. If you do, fibro wins...


  • OMG - That's Me!

    I say or type some ridiculous words in the middle of a sentence - in my head I'm saying the right word but something different comes out!

    I though I was becoming dyslexic....oh. how I laughed................

    Maggie xx

  • So glad you told this story I thought I was the only one doing this funny thing is as soon as I've said something I know it's wrong suppose I need to worry when I don't realise what I'm saying

  • I remember getting mixed up after hearing people talking about different things. One was a news story about no one being able to remove squatters from St Paul's Cathedral or some other church. The other was a guy at work talking about squirrels. I ended up getting annoyed about the state of the country when we could not even evict a bunch of squirrels from a church. The office went very quiet, very quickly. I knew then that I had a problem with getting my words out.

  • i am always saying silly words getting mixed up at home we just giggle ove it i also mirs words.ight

  • That makes me laugh as I'm the same and know im not a loan I get frustrated with myself and what makes it worse when it happens with my mum she try's to fill in what I'm trying to say and confuses me even more lol I know she's only trying to help , and because sometimes I say the wrong thing and people talk to me like I'm stupid and that hurts

  • That's what mams must be for as mine does exactly the same lol x

  • I am the same my husband and daughter think it's funny, I don't. My first one was leaves instead of feathers... I also start a sentence but cannot finish it . I go upstairs and don't know why?

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