Morning all, hope you are all as well as possible today, I am venturing out for a walk with my mum while the grey clouds seem to have disappeared for a while. Just thought I would share a pic of my latest homemade goodies, made to give as gifts as I have a lot of birthdays coming up. Candles, bath bombs and wax melts for the oil burner, I was so tired after making them but enjoyed it so much it was worth it :-)

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  • Morning 😊

    Your homemade goodies look absolutely wonderful.

    How I would love to try those bath bombs. They look amazing. Unfortunately I am unable to use any products when I have a bath, on doctors orders!

    I shall have to have a virtual bath with them 🛀 😊

    Enjoy your walk


    Lu xx

  • Me too, cysititis, Don't they look so professional, you could sell those at a craft fair 😃

  • Thanks for the lovely reply, they do the same to me :-) a friend has suggested a stall at a local craft fair, I might give it a go especially nearer Christmas. Take care, kath x

  • Thanks Lu, a virtual bath it is then for you and me and Arymretep cos I can't use them either! :-) I love making them and giving them and I only use pure essential oils in small amounts that are not supposed to irritate the skin. Fibro seems to make us so sensitive to lots of things, thanks for the lovely reply. Take care kath. X

  • They look amazing!!!i will also have to take a virtual bath! 😓 I am just allergic to so many things. Alcohol, lavender and many other scents:-( I have to watch what I bathe in. Poo those do look so amazing! I agree you could sell them! I would buy them!!! I have 3 sisters that love bath stuff.

  • Thanks Regnofibro, it is a shame that we become so sensitive to things. Shame about the alcohol 😧 although with the meds we take its difficult to have a tipple anyway. Take care, kath x

  • They look wonderful more professional than alot of similar things that I have seen in the shops. Our new place will only be able to have a shower unfortunately so I will be missing my hot soaks with the goregous smellies which I have a large accumulation of I think that my friend who has a bath will be the happy recipient of my bath melts.

    Yes you shoud certainly make some large batches and get yourself a table at a Craft Fayre as I think you would do brilliantly.x

  • Thanks Rosewine, I think I will give it a go at the craft fair. Sorry about your bath situation I agree a nice hot soak does you good. Hope the move to your new place goes ok, take care kath, x

  • They look absolutely amazing, you really have a gift for making things.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Those are very pretty, and would certainly attract customers ~ especially around the Holidays, when people are shopping for gifts!!! I wouldn't hesitate to offer them at a Craft Fair, I'm sure they would be very popular! (The white bombs look exactly like our American "Divinity" ... so here you'd have to be sure they weren't mistaken for CANDY!)

    It is tiring to do such work, but also rewarding to have made such wonderful gifts and also show us the fruits of your "labours" ~ right?!? Try to rest, and prepare lots more (but spread out in small batches, preferably!?) for any upcoming craft fair(s) in your area.

    Take care of yourself along the way: sending soft, gentle hugs ... bk

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