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Progression of symptoms?

Mostly I have been healthy in my life(I am now 62). Have had anxiety/depression at various times(well, maybe forever but under control or not symptomatic at times- corntrolled by meds sometimes). About 8 years ago, I started to have dizzy spells- feeling off balance. I saw all my doctors and a new one- a neurologist. Many tests(you know how that goes). Nothing was found- no vertigo, no disease. It was also a time of extreme life stresses- deaths-(mother and niece and cousin), realization/acceptance of a family condition that would not change, and work. eventually, things calmed down but then 8 months ago, I started to have back and neck pain. Saw my rheumotologist(I do have arthritis and osteo). He sent me to PT. I started, it seemed to help with the pain but I started to have intermittent leg tingling in both legs- I never had that before. The dizziness/off balance -almost tripping thing started. Then I started to have hot spots(felt hot internally but not externally) on my legs. I had hot flashes before(those stopped some years ago) but this was totally different. The dr and the Pt said- oh, that happens. And I was dismissed from PT. Then the leg tingling was non stop on the left for a while and now on the right. Now I have burning skin usually on my arms, my inner leg from the knee to the thigh(pant seams hurt- and I do not wear tight pants!) and occasionally my face. I did see my GP for a blood workup, a neurologist, my ENT since February(post the PT) and finally my orthopedic surgeon. he is the one who had the MRI done(next one is Monday) and said my right leg reflex is less than it was and thinks it is peripheral neuropathy- with a lumbar involvement. so what is the next thing I will get? and any help for the burning arms and thighs- I am using only a "soothing body wash" and Aveeno calming face wash in the shower. I have been Eucerin or Cerave cream on my arms and legs just for dryness for some time. I tried spraying my arms with Lanacane which I have for kitchen burns -helps for the moment. I have read tree tea oil, coconut oil, feverfew- has anyone had any success? I know this is an internal nerve issue but I am open to any suggestion for any sort of relief for my skin! OH, I need to leave- have an abdominal scan- hope this finds nothing!

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You are going through an awful lot just now. The only relief I have found for neuropathic pain is massage and gentle swimming. You do need to be careful with alternative remedies as they can adversely affect conventional meds. There is a cream I have yet to try capsicum, you apply only a tiny amount to a small area, I am going to get this and will report my findings. I really don't like the idea of increasing meds too much as I read all the side effects and panic. So if I find anything I will report back. Hope you find some relief soon. xx

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I tried the Capsacin cream that Lou so kindly mentioned for the same problem but unfortunately found that my skin was so sensistive in the areas I really needed to use it that I had to stop. I do find gentle massage and Epsom salt baths can help. Massaging a freeze cream does seem to help the burning sensation which seems to be worse in extremes of weather so I can get it when it is too hot or too cold. If I do too much walking that also makes the sensation worse. I find if I put a cold pillow between my knees when I lie down at night so my legs aren;t touching that also seems to help.

I also found the medication Pregabin (Lyrica} helps me but it does not suit some people. Aloe Vera gel can also be calming.

Hope you find something that eases the symptoms as I know they can be very distressing.x

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I am so genuinely sorry to read of how much that you are going through and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All m y hopes and dreams for you



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