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Hiya everyone I have just found this site and hoping I can get some help with this PIP form.

I have been in receipt of benefits for past 8 years.

It's only 18 months since I filled a form in about my disabilities and without a medical at all was awarded full DWP I get care allowance mobility which I get a car with. And ESA.

With out my car I would hardly go out.

I have fibromayia. Los of bowel control it was only yesterday when I was at home and didn't get to the toilet in time. When I go out I have to take a change of colths every were I go.

I have had to back operations and suffer total loss of control of bowels bladder from time to time. I have been told this is called stressed incontenace due to the amount of pain I was in.

I have osteoporosisas well.

I have just had a big operation to repair an umbilical hernia and stomach wall repair.

Which by the way I have had to pay for. NHS told me they wouldn't due anything at all until the hernia had punched right through my stomach wall in which case I would have to get to the hospital with in half an hour or I could die. Not very nice I came home in a cloud of did that just happen

Any way just woundering if any one had any information that will help with this process.

Many thanks missy

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Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I sincerely hope that you find the forum useful, informative and loads of fun!

I have pasted you a link to the Citizens Advice Bureau Benefits, as they can help you with your PIP forms. Have a read and contact your local office for help:

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your claim.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you so much and I will keep you all upto date.

I am up early today because I can't sleep due to pain and as soon as I wake up this up evil is on my mind I am so tired I can't think straight and it's only early days in this new claim just what I didn,t need.

I think they should just come and see us get it over with in stead of all this waiting.

At least we would know where we are.

Many thanks for your concern


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I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are bot feeling to good and it is understandable. I sincerely hope that you manage to get a good sleep tonight.

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you must go to cab xx when I went the lady said to me that the assessors are told to make it difficult and have targets set to knock people back xx the people that work in cab have had to go on courses to help people with their assessments as it is so difficult, please go to citizens advice to make sure you get all the the help you need as you are a poorly lady xxx


Thank you so much. I have a copy of my dal form that was filled in I think they will be some of the same questions so I will look at that before I seek help.

Just now I real can't be bothered I have been so tired and now Evan more tired due to the extra stress. I just got out of bed.

Thank you so much first the advice.


If you can get some help and advice completing the forms then give yourself a break by letting someone else take the job on. It sounds as if you have way too much going on already.

I really hope that Citizen's Advice can help you and you get the PIP award to help you.

Best regards,



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