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Fibro/ osteo

My fibro and osteo are getting worse my feet are very painful to walk on,I've tryed different shoes,my knees are swelling up really bad,my wrist keeps locking,I can't get pip well only £20 a wk got to send it to tribunal which that date has now past I haven't done this because been really ill,doctor has been signing me off work for a yr now,money's tight we can barely live on my husbands wages if I could work I would,my depressions got worse I just want to give a up,I've been self harming again and the doctor just fobs me off all the time,she won't write a letter to pip because she said the letter they got from the rheumatologist was enough obvs not,which I've got another appointment with him ( rheumatologist) nxt mth, I can't go to cab as can't do face to face with people and won't go out on my own unless I have someone with me and thats if I can make the appointments,I really don't know what to do apart from give up at least that way I won't be a burden on my husband and kids, listening to me moaning all the time and I won't have to deal with all this pain, it ruining my life,

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So sorry that it is so hard for you at the moment.

If your GP is so unsympathetic can you find a different one. Your family need you don't ever forget that. Gentle hugs


My son in law was discussing this very subject tonight. He said it's what and who you leave behind that's going to be hurt. Please dig deep and find the strength you have to get through this. Once you find a doctor that will listen to you. You will find away to put this behind you. You will come out the other side stronger then you ever thought you were! You are not alone! I speak from experience. I have been at the bottom with what I felt was no hope! Pain has away of making things feel so much harder than it is. You just have to dig deep and find a way to look up! Believe with all your heart that there is a way! One minute at a time! Baby steps that is all it takes! Before you know it this will pass. It has to because you are not alone!!!


Hi Mitsymoo123

I have read your post with so much pain and sorrow for what you are having to endure, and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I agree completely with Betty67 and Regnofibro1, as your family need you and I am certain that they would be hurt beyond comprehension if something was to happen to you.

Please do not be offended but I have pasted the telephone number for the Samaritans below. I have done this out of friendship and concern for what you are going through. Please ring them if you ever need to talk to somebody, it is what they are there for:

Samaritans: ''Call us 08457 90 90 90''

If there's something troubling you, then get in touch.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Dear Mitsy,

I am really concerned about your post and I really hope that you get the help that you deserve and need. You are not alone. Can you please let us know that you have read the replies?

If you do nothing else, I beg you to please speak to someone, anyone about how you are feeling.


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Thank you all so much for your caring words and support its much appreciated, no offence taken :) I'm doing better now thank you, I will keep fighting and I'm ringing the doctors next week to make an appointment. Im also seeing cab next week, onwards and up thanks again to all of you 😘


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