Any Rewards Yet!!

Well I went for my PIP assessment today and a lovely gentleman to be fare asked my long winded questions about the form I have filled in previously, I answered honestly and being a chatter box long winded. lol. Well assessment over and 6-8week wait ahead of me. My question is how many people have come off DLA and received PIP or claimed PIP and got it. Looking for the positive here..

p.s. How many points are needed for a mobility vehicle, so confused by everything I read.

Thanks in advance

Lrain :)

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  • You need 12 points in the mobility element to get the Enhanced rate, then you can get a mobility car. To get Enhanced for the Daily living element again you need 12 points or more.

    I had my home assessment on the 5th and heard on the 12th, only a week! I hope you wont have long to wait.

  • I forgot to say it was for PIP

  • Hi Riedenise, do you mind me asking what your home assessment was like? I have been told I will be having one but still waiting for a date. Very anxious about it and also have my esa assessment in the centre on 14/7. So nervous, the whole process makes me so anxious as if I'm trying to cheat the system!


    Jo x

  • Hi Jo,

    I was very nervous. Always have someone with you, whether at home or assessment center. If at home get your companion to open the door, offer to tea/coffee etc. Never you, that is put against you. If its at a center then try to be dropped off at the front door, I don't know how true it is but I was told you are watched coming into the building, how long you are left in the waiting room etc. Just be aware around you. Refer back to your pip form you filled in and the answers you gave. You will be asked about the form, you will be asked the same questions etc. You will be asked how you are on a daily basis, what you can & cant do. You will be asked to do some exercises. Only do what you can.

    Oh don't fall for the dropped pen/paper trick, its done on purpose to see your reaction to something dropped.

    They know of your condition/s so tell them how it affects you. That's about all I can say. List all your conditions you suffer with, take a repeat prescription or list of your meds. Good luck hun x

  • Thanks so much that's really helpful info.

    Jo x

  • No problem x

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