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Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Fibromyalgia

Hello everyone

I found this on the internet and showed it to some friends and it helped them understand a lot more about my condition. Because it was broken down into small segments it was easy for them to understand and ask me questions about what they had read and about me and how fibro affects me. The best part is they now understand why I don't always go out with them. Also, they were amazed that the weather affected fibro as much as it does- they admitted that they thought it sounded like an old wives' tale.

Thank you WebMD for this slide show

S x

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Thanks for posting this very useful information :) xxx


I pinned this onto pinterest quite some time ago and then forgot that i had it. Thanks for the refresher course. :)



Hi Sandy, thanks for the link, most helpful


Thank you for the link xx


Hi Sandy

Thanks for posting this. I have seen it before as I have subscribed to posts from this site which is American but they seem to be so much better with up to date information on Fibro and I know it is something that has been recognised in the States for some time. I do get a bit confused sometimes as their meds often have another name but I am slowly getting my head around it. I think this is really informative and puts the problems with Fibro as you say in easily digested pieces.x


Thanks for that! It is much easier to show someone the difficulty of fibro, than to try and explain!♥♥


Thanks for this. as previously said the pictorial format is much easier than trying to explain it.



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