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Fibromyalgia now considered as a lifelong central nervous system disorder

Hello fellow fibromites.

I hope non of you are suffering too badly.

Below, is an article explaining the above which I found very interesting.

I started to think about the article and remember that when I was very young I suffered from agonizing pains in my legs that my parents and GPs called 'growing pains'. I wonder if that was the start of all this.

I also lost the ability to walk when I was younger. I was walking along, well running in front of Mum and then back to her , as kids do, when, suddenly I couldn't move and was rushed to hospital and put in an isolation ward. I think the Drs thought it was polio [it was at the end of the 1960s] but it wasn't. They didn't know what it was and put it down to 'a virus that attacked the part of my brain that controls my legs'. In other words, they didn't have a clue. Within weeks, without any physiotherapy, I started to walk again. Baby steps at first and then normally. Could this be related to my fibro - I'll never know

Anyway, I hope you find this article interesting, especially the part about opioids.

S x

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What a shame as I cannot get onto the link. All I get is a message saying ''Connection Reset''.

Thanks for sharing



Hello Author

I'm sorry you couldn't open the link.

I've reposted it below perhaps you'll have better luck. I did try the link above and it worked for me. If this link doesn't work the site is called News Medical. Hope this helps


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Thanks but I think I have a slight computer problem tonight as I am struggling to get on anything. I will give my computer an overhaul tomorrow and see if I can get on.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thanks, interesting article, although not sure about the closing sentence implying that with the correct treatment, sufferers can "live a normal life". I'd love to believe that it could be possible for us all, but with the reality that few of us receive effective treatment, it could give a misleading impression of how Fibro affects sufferers and can be so disabling/life changing.

Thank you for sharing x


Hello Sandy,

I also experienced dreadful cramps and pain in my calf muscles when I was younger... like you, they said "growing pains"

I found the article about pain and the central nervous system very interesting, but this only seems to explain the pain "part" of fibromyalgia.... would this also explain all the other many symptoms... irritable bowel and bladder, fibrofog, numbness, tiredness?

Thanks for sharing with us, xxx :)


Thanks for this.....its an interesting article and I note its emphasis on the role and importance of non drug treatment which I personally think is too often overlooked especially life style management changes (as opposed to just use of altrnative therapies).

All best.


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