Fibromeaga Tinnatas

Hi every one reading most peoples suffering with pain is heart rendering I was wrongly diegnosed with RLS for over 7 years , so I was given all the wrong medication and was banging my head against the wall a lady on the RLS sight told me you've got Fibromeaga along with Yikes 2 It took another year to get diegnosed reluctantly by my hospital , and now I now why Iv got Tinnatas too I believe there are a lot of people the same as me I told you all about my pian the other day so I had six years of that Now Iv finally got the right medication thanks to Yikes 2 and Ellsea on the RLS site I love those two lady's

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  • Glad you have at last got a diagnosis it is sometimes such a long journey to get there and as you say thanks to the ladies who pushed you in the right direction.

    Unfortunately tinnitis seems to be something that alot of fibromites suffer from I blame mine on some of the meds I am on. I find just having the radio on preferably tuned into some soft music at a very low volume is enough to cancel out the noises if it is getting too much to stand.x

  • Thank you rosewine yes I agree I believe it is the meds that cause the Tinnatas I'm leaning fast about Fibromeaga specially how long it takes to recover from doing manual work in the garden x

  • Erona

    We don't mention gardening in our house I am suffering today after having cut some overhanging berberis branches down. We are moving hopefully to a bungalow soon and we popped up to take some measurements and the garden looks tiny but realistically I know it is all I can manage now but it will be very strange for a while. Perhaps I will then have more energy for other things.

    Yes fibro is a real learning curve but you will eventually get to know what you can and can;t do and how long you will need to recover if you "have to" do things. I would have an easy day today but I take an older friend out today and she looks forward to it so much I always try to do it. Such a lovely day here I would rather be in the garden but friends who do understand are precious and she seems to be one that does fortunately.x

  • You are so right I think we should downsize too I was very active But now one small job and I'm nackered for at least two days x

  • Yes Erona I was a 75 lengths of the swimming bath a week, an hours walking a day, doing all the garden, housework and shopping, looking after people and doing a quite stressful but enjoyable part time job kind of girl. I have the theory my body just one day said "enough". I still think in my head I can do all of these things but like you find that even small tasks somedays is like climbing Mount Everest.x

  • I'm still working so that's hard but I want to keep going. As long as I can I don't want to become a Zomby

  • Yep I need to as well.

  • Wow your still here how you doing Did you see my pain post So great to here from you missed you lots xxx

  • I talk to you later x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken you area nice man I just woke up 2 . 20 my legs and fingers are killing me , I know why I had two glasses of whine it's fatal best wishes to you Ken

  • I assume you are saying Tinnitus in your post, just to be clear, Erona4 ;) Are you saying you do not have RLS? YOU are very active in the RLS Forum so am wondering why, just out of curiosity? ;) Not that it matters, but thought you had RLS for sure, the way you talk in such detail about it. I have Fibro and RLS, plus other issues, which do not make a good combination. Elisse told you have Fibro? She is good. I know her very well. She helps out in any of the support groups I manage, over 5,000 members, and her help is invaluable.

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