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Body banging today-weather doesn't help! Allergic to painkillers so have to live with the pain but also have to live on anti-depressants to help me keep going. Can't work, but keep myself busy. Read at school 2 afternoons a week, but always need to crash out when I get home! Get rather frustrated that the majority of people have never heard of fibro! Also I often get told I look so well!!!!

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thanks lush to talk to someone else who understands!

I is weird allergic to most drugs!!


Hi, sorry to hear you have had a bad day. Do you know why you are allergic to many have you tried? Not good is it.

It is totally crap isn't it when people cant see our pain, however if we had a walking stick we would all be treated so differently and also perceived differently.

It was funny the other day, I met up with my boss and he said " Hi rachel, I'd love to say you look good, but you don't".......... just goes to show some people do take note and appreciate how we must feel. It got better, my HR manager then approached me and said, "Hi, you're looking good!!!".....................Doh...I actually looked the worst I had ever looked in ages!!!!!

Keep smiling chick xx


thanks xxx


I know how hard and frustrating it is. Everyday I would turn up to work and instead of my boss saying 'hello how are you', I'd say hello to him and ask him where things were up to and he'd reply 'so whats wrong with you today then'.

Its ignorance really. People don't understand that, yeah I may look fine, but in side I'm really really not, I'm hurting. They also don't understand how its never the same, how it likes to move around your body. So when one day you complain about one area of pain and the next you moan about another, they really don't get it and think your making it up.

I model in my free time and people are completely shocked when I tell them about my illness because I look 'normal'. One shoot I turned up and had to take off all my supports before changing. The photographer thought I'd been in an accident.

On my days off from work I just have to sleep and recover from it all and then try and do it all over again. I have to keep forcing myself to go, it keeps me fit and in some ways I think it helps a little. But even the customers make comments when I'm working like 'bet you've got big muscles'...'have you been boxing?' when I have supports on.... Well I feel like punching you now mate!


thanks you take care xx


I think for me the worse thing is that they cant see how distressing this condition is. Yes we are in pain, ok it doesnt show and yes, we all deal with it as best we can...but there is no end to look forward to, no knowing that it will end. There is no bone to fix or muscle to heal. That would be bearable, but to know that even on a good day when the pain is at its least that this is as good as its going to get, that you will never have another pain free day for the rest of your life can so times be worse than the pain its self!


Yes awful thought that you will never be pain free! I try to keep smiling but as you know sometimes it's very hard! xx


Wow, painter, model and potential author......great that you can model and still have some normality in life!!! Any advice for walking down a catwalk, I am helping a mate out with a modelling show in April and OMG I am pooping myself!!!! x


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