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I've not long been diagnosed with fibro however got other issues with back I been suffering with chronic pain over 3 months on crutches on boat load of meds which all side effects make me sleepy however chronic fatigue nightmare don't do much for myself I worked past 10 years made redundant in Jan

Questions does anyone have any advice for PIP I am awaiting for an appeal is worth fighting it thanks

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You must fight this...did you get a mandatory reconsideration?

This is such a debilitating and wicked illness, some people are on high rate pip when they have fibro as their only illness, so why shouldn't you...


I've written some stuff on another thread about mandatory reconsideration please have a look it will tell you what to do next if you want to..

Personally I too am fighting it, and 5 weeks ago my reconsideration papers were submitted, yet I still haven't heard anything..

I got refused and I'm on a massive amount of morphine via patches, I in fact have never heard of anyone on such a high amount of burprenorphine 140mcg, yet I still got refused and was 2 points short of anything..

Yet no disrespect to someone I know but she's on basic low pain killers prescribed and she got high care/high mobility straight away without appeal and fibro is her only illness...

Doesn't make sense does it x

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You must be feeling awful, hope you get some relief soon, don't know anything on PIP sorry

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Thanks for info we can only hope

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I always think that it is best to try and concentrate on how your illness affects your day to day living and what you cannot do, and do not dwell on anything that you can do?

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your appeal.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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