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Itching face and neck

I have been suffering with itching on my face and neck on and off for a good few months have been trying to monitor what I eat, anything that I do and when it happens. I am being tested for lupus because the main itchy rash is across my nose and cheeks but recently along my hair line and on my forehead. I take 300mg pregabalin and 30/500 co codamol 3 times a day.

Has any one got any advice or experienced anything similar?

Kind regards



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I get exactly the same in same areas of my face, it feels alive , becomes red & sore flaking skin on forehead pimles underskin.... if i get stressed its only started last year but now more regularly.

Not mentioned to doc yet they cant listen to more problems in one appointment that had to be booked no longer than 3 weeks . Have you been diagnosed?


No not yet I've had bloods taken and I'm waiting to see rheumatologist.

I can't work out what triggers it. I'm away on holiday in Devon at the moment and the weather is glorious its flared up since I caught the sun. Puzzled.....not sure if it's the meds!


Enjoy your holiday, i have taken piriteze allergy tablets & within 10 minutes the itching stop. I do have it mildly right now but keeping backthe little pprecious tablets when in bad discomfort.

Hope this helps.


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