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Hi, everyone, don't write on here often. However saw a big article in Sunday Mirror, today written by Grace Macaskill, who after having horrendous menopausal symptoms found that magnetic jewellery really helped. After researching on net found it's also meant to help with fibro, arthritis, etc.

I am having a total nightmare with the menapause, (and fibromyalgia) using FX which is totally natural, but having trouble affording it every month. So, looking to see if something else could help. HAS ANYONE ELSE FOUND THAT MAGNETIC JEWELLERY HELPS WITH MENAPAUSE AND/OR FIBRO? Don't want to waste money and also do not know which ones to try. There are so many on net. Of course the journalist didn't give details of which she used.



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I purchased 3 copper magnetic bracelets. I for me as I suffer from Fybromyalgia. One for my hubby and one for my son. My son says it has improved his sleep. I did notice it relieved my shoulder pains. I could not extend my shoulder without getting a burning pain in my shoulder. Since using the bracelet it has improved my shoulder, I have not had any relief for my fibromyalgia, but if I was you try it. Purchase a bracelet for about £15-20.00. It is worth a try for your menopause.

All the best


Thanks so much for your reply. Not sure which ones are reputable sites. I have problems with my shoulder, just had an MRI scan and shows impinged nerve and frozen shoulder. consultant wanted me to have an operation, but I said that I saw an article, saying that operations on FM people often don't work due to para sympathic system, or some word like that. So, he suggested hydrotherpy with physiotherapy. My chiropractor does not think this will work with me and he himself just had an op on his shoulder. Told me to get referred by my GP to another Orthopeadic consultant at St Mary's that he saw privately, but I could see on NHS. not sure what my GP will think as I am under one at Lewisham. Don't know what to do.

Glad the bracelet helped your shoulder.

Best wishes.



Hello Laurielee,

I cannot comment personally but my late Father had a Bioflow and was convinced it helped his arthritis in his hands & thumb in particular as he was a Barber and the use of scissors over the years had caused his right thumb to suffer badly.

I don't know if there is any research, any science or anything about it other than that and without doing any research. Would be interesting to know if there is any more information about it's efficacy out there! :)

If I see anything when online I will post it for you

Best Wishes

Emma :)

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This was found via Google Scholar and seems to suggest there are no known benefits

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Thanks for sending this link to me Mdaisy. I had already read it, but still wonder if it helps at all, if other people find it does with certain ailments.

Thanks all the same. best wishes.



In all honesty, especially if you don't want to waste money, I wouldn't really spend anything on magnetic jewelry. Besides the link posted above, there are many other studies that show little to no effect.

But more importantly, I have to ask myself "How is this supposed to work?" If I don't get a satisfactory answer, I tend to be very cautious about it.

From what I've seen, it's pretty much like homeopathy (ie. it doesn't actually do anything).


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