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Check symptoms

After being treated for fibro for yrs and each time I went to Dr's cause I wasn't functioning with meds I was given for yrs Tramadol. Its your fibro you just got to get on with it. Get on with what I'm like a zombie. I finally snapped. Put on ' Celibrex' was also also on 'propranolol'. Another year passed went back to Dr, with loads of research in hand about my fibro MS, thyroid. Yep Bloods done underactive thyroid. (did I mention fibromyalgia not even on my records,??. Confused, now that doesn't take much for us)

On levothyroxine plus gabapentine. Yes I'm a walking chemist, but I feel 30% better on most days. I still pace myself with physical activities,(washing, walking. I don't mean jumping up and down or gym haha) , love having my grandson. So yes it's taken over 30yrs creeping up on me and my social life is 10% increasing, but my pain, my fog, my movement will always be affected. Life is looking better. So my advice, check symptoms for thyroid

And ask to try different meds. Just cause Some work for someone else doesn't mean they'll work for you.

Hope your journey isn't as long as mine and you get a little bit if not more of your life back.

And I've got arthritis too, might need op on neck. This only came to light 2wks ago, just waiting on xray results.

Think positive thoughts, I know it's hard. Try meditation it's good for the soul


Gentle hugs everyone

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I am in constant pain but a cuddle and a smile from my grandson seems to melt the pain-Just for that minute- its beautiful!!!!!

I was prescribed zomorph-ora morph and gabapentin since 2008 (no cartiledge in right hip- done privately as too young at 59 for NHS-that didnt work properly so another op done in 2011 on NHS) never felt right- SO was doing physio etc and aqua physio- then mr know it all new consultant (previously knee surgeon)this year says morphine is wrong for chronic pain and bursitus. he said "stop physio etc and wean yourself off morphine .. I can't help you anymore so I am taking you off my list- see your GP...."" absolutely priceless!!!

Meantime I enrolled on steps to wellbeing for anxiety and was on a course within a week, however my GP took 2 months to send referral to pain clinic through properly(she forgot to send referral properly!! now I have appointment- I dont expect my pain to disappear-just need help with morphine weaning...

As you say let good moments outweigh the bad ones-its difficult but a good night sleep is beneficial- I'm hoping tonight!!!

Sweet Dreams


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