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FAQ - How could I help raise funds for FMAUK plus raise Fibromyalgia Awareness in my local area please?

FAQ - How could I help raise funds for FMAUK plus raise Fibromyalgia Awareness in my local area please?

Hi Everyone! :)

If you're wondering how to make a difference to the Awareness of Fibromyalgia in the UK this year especially around International Awareness Day on May 12th & UK Awareness week is in September.

Please can we ask you kindly consider fundraising & raising awareness in support of Fibromyalgia Action UK.

1. Sponsored events - These can be anything indeed!

Maybe a walk or 5K race if you're up to it. Perhaps a "virtual challenge" of swimming the English Channel in your local pool. Or shave your head or dye your hair. If you're a guy & a family member then sponsored waxings can be popular! Or hold a sponsored video gaming marathon! Ask a family member to be like Dancing dermot & dance for 24 hours or do a dance marathon at work maybe? It doesn't really matter what you do, so have fun!

Here's the Just Giving link where you can make a page about your challenge & share as an easy way to raise awareness of your event/fundraising plus a secure way for friends & family to donate;

2. Organise a street party with a raffle maybe, ask local businesses if they will kindly donate. Don't forget that if the raffle tickets are bought before the day there are rules & regulations as to what must be printed on the Tickets & you need a Gambling Act documentation from the local council allowing you to do this. A raffle taking place the same day is OK.

3. Collect stamps from all your post & send to us for our FMAUK Stamp Appeal.

More information here>

4. If you're artistic or crafty, ask for donations in return for a piece of your work. Or organise a local craft fair.

5. Send Charity flowers to someone for a Special Occasion or just to show them you care. See the link for more details>

6. "Guess the..." competitions. These work best when you have a group of people easily available - e.g. your local support group or at work (ask your boss first!). Whether it's identifying who the baby photo is of, or how many jellybeans are in a jar, or how much a colleague's new baby weighs, you may be surprised how many people will pay a couple of quid to have a guess!

7. If you or friends are beauty therapists or complementary health practitioners, host a pamper day or evening, maybe for your local support group members and ask them to donate a small amount for each therapy - you could ask for donations for refreshments as well.

8. Hold a bake sale, maybe at your local support group or a local event. Or a Jumble sale ?

9. Organise a quiz evening, Casino night or

10. Bucket collections. Maybe ask your work if you could take a collection bucket around (the UK Awareness Week could be a good opportunity for this). Or a ask a supermarket if you can do a 'bag pack' event maybe?

(Don't forget if you are planning a street collection - you usually need to speak to your local council first as they are rules & regulations about this)

Don't forget you can also donate in other ways;

How about signing up to use Giveasyoulive or Easy Fundraising where we get a FREE donation as you shop, more info here;


You can also buy Awareness items from the website, here's the link to the online shop:

Text Donate

Just Giving

Whatever you do! We appreciate your support as we fight Fibromyalgia together :)

Hope this helps :)

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Updated: 14th September 2017

Originally written by Lindsey Middlemiss

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