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Pain clinic

I received a call from the hospital tonight saying there was a cancellation on wed this week for the pain clinic. I have only waited two and a half months. So it was pretty quick. Not really sure what to expect though.

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Hi juliekp

I wanted to wish you all the best of luck with your appointment, and I sincerely hope that it goes really well for you.

I have pasted you a link to the NHS Choices cache on pain clinics, so I hope this sheds some light on what happens:

NHS Choices - Pain Management


Good luck



Hi Hust to wish you luck as Ken has given you the link :) Good luck ginseng


I attended pain clinic last year for 1st time. Doctor was nice and i felt he was interested.However i feel they are limited regards pain..he suggested 'tweeks' with my medication but cant say pain has been relieved any. He also suggested pain Psychologist...ive attended there once.. not sure yet.but they do want you to try different strategies to help cope with and there will be an element of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.(CBT) Jury is still out. But go! Its not there for nothing. You may get what you need.


Just wanted to wish you good luck at the pain clinic. Can you let us know how it goes ? I'm waiting for an appointment at my hospital as well.

Best wishes



Thank you all. I will update you after Wednesday


From my experience not a lot they seembto go round in circles I tell them where the pain is in my spine (I have two disc operations) and in my neck they have just treated the neck with injections but it is not stiff as such itbis in the bone but have still jit had a scan. I have had an ex- ray but this does not always show oroblems up an ex-ray did not show uo my disc only when they descided to scan it.

I have also suffered from depression a lot of my life and get the feeling my the questions that they think a lot is in my head. This is far from the truth, it is the constant pain that makes me more depressed.

I just keep going back hoping one day for that scan.


I know how u feel. I seem to b going in circles also. Im about to lose my job cos Im struggling with it. Iv never been offered a scan only xrays. Hopefully I will get some help tmrw I also suffer from depression which is a symptom of fibro. Try n keep positive. I know its incredibly hard. Take care


I have wondered before if it is fibro that I have but no one seems to take notice I am always really sleepy but I put this down to pain killers

And I have pain all the time in my back, head and I get bad heads all the time plus the depression.

After all these years could this be what is wrong and no one has picked uo on it.



Hi Katy198. I could be fibro. Ask ur gp for a rheumatology referral. It is them that will diagnose it. Good luck


Hey there. Sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time. I have used the pain clinic several times in the past 3 years. Mine was a mixed experience however I would go along with an open mind. Take a list of your symptoms and difficulties with you. I find the staff tend to be interested and want to help, and most places now offer psychological input to help you deal with the demands pain places on us. Best of luck x


Thank u. Yes I am open minded but some help n understanding from medics would b great.


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