Does anyone else have 3 monthly Depo-Medrone IM? If so, how long have you had them for and what noticeable side effects do you have?

I'm due for another on Tuesday and my whole body is screaming PAIN! I was the same before the last two and the DM jab takes effect within 24 hours.

Happy New Year. I hope you all had a good Christmas. Apart from the usual pain, I can safely say that the start of this year has already been an improvement after spending last New Year in hospital and coming out minus 8cm of my colon!! Happy days & love to all.

Temple of Doom xx

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  • Sorry, the photo is of our new golden retriever, Oscar, rescued from Turkey. xx

  • Hi...I have never heard of that treatment....but love your Oscar....Can you explain further? x

  • No I haven't. Nor do I know anyone on it at the moment.

    In a nutshell its a cortico steroid for a range of arthritic type pains.

    I was to have something similar for my knee but the exploratory jab only lasted until the lidocaine with it ran out - so we didn't repeat the experiment. I've know people have it or similar for the likes of gout. I wonder why you're getting such symptoms in the lead up to the time.

    Love Oscar :)

  • I have vaguely heard about it but I don't know anyone who has them.

    Hope you find someone who can help.

    Beautiful dog Oscar, lovely soft face.


  • Sorry I can't be of any help but have to say Oscar is so cute with his toy☺🐕

  • My son had the lignocaine drip which is supposed to help but he only had one and I don't think it helped him but there was another lady there and she had them every 3 months and it helped Deposit medrone ised to be used with lignocaine as a steroid injection injected into the place where you are in pain I have had many of those into joints when the lignocaine wears off it's painful for a while if they have hit the right spot and then you should be pain free for around 3 months but with those they are only supposed to do them a couple of times although I have had them a number of times in my hands and big toes. I first learned about Depo medrone when I was nursing years ago. Good luck and I hope it helps at least you are in an area where they are trying things. Where I live pain clinic is Simone talking to you no Drs no looking at meds etc. Take care

  • In reply to you, jackie4ball, I've been to the Pain Clinic. I had lots of talk (Mindfulness), the Pain Consultant taking me off all my meds (yes, I had withdrawal and pain) and physio. When I asked about having acupuncture, etc, I was told that I was not taking it seriously and was 'dismissed' from the clinic. It was a joke! ToD xx

  • That is so ridiculous what is it with these people. I went to see a consultant when my toes were bad and went into his room and he said what can I do for you so I jokingly said I would like a new body and he sat there and said right we will start again shall we! Obviously he had no sense of humour and even though I was in a lot of pain I was just trying to lighten the mood a bit. Why is asking for acupuncture not taking it seriously I had that didn't help overall pain but worked after shoulder surgery to just settle it down although they put electricity through it as well which at first was too high and made me feel sick. I have had homeopathy as well which was like taking sugar pills. Didn't help. I spent 18 months at our so called pain clinic never saw a dr never looked at meds just talked. Was referred to have mindfulness but was turned down because at the time where I was living was causing extra stress so she didn't see the point and discharged me. I have tried it on my own. But it's not like we sit here thinking oh I'm in so much pain and so on I do things to try and push through it it's just the night times that I think are the hardest whenthe pain really gets worse and I just cry wishing they would chop my legs off from the waist down. I am glad that these injections help it's worth going through discomfort initially if it gives you relief for a while. Good luck with next ones.



  • Oh Jackie, I hope you're feeling OK tonight. Yes, I have acupuncture from time to time and also found a hydrotherapy pool fairly close but it's always down to cost and I really can't afford to keep going. These are the things that we're supposed to be offered via the Pain Clinic! ToD xx

  • Yes, it's a steroid jab in the buttock which is to help with my rheumatoid/inflammatory arthritis. Not only does it seem to work with my joints and the arthritis in my spine, it also helps with the fibromyalgia. I had a bone density test done and because my bones are quite dense for my age, the rheumatologist decided to see how I would react with 3-monthly jabs. I tried steroid tablets but they didn't agree with me. I have had these injections in the past but only one or perhaps two per year so I was surprised when he said he would try them every 3 months. They give me so much immediate relief that I will carry on with them for now. I know I may regret this at some stage! At the moment, the only downside to these injections is that I get horrendous hot flushes to start with but they tail off as the effect of the steroid wears off.

    Roll on Tuesday! ToD xx

  • Hi TempleofDoom

    I have never undergone anything of this nature but I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I have depo medrone every 3 months for suda gout (calcium crystals ) these injections for me are a god send

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