Hi to everyone I'm a newbie to this. Just signed up today and I suffer from servere fibromyalgia , high blood pressure , migraines , b12 and folate defincey and aniexty basically feel rubbish every day but I thought if I joined something like this maybe I could learn more about fibro. - fibro fog I suffer with this terrible. Thanks to anyone who can help with this . I have also been told my cholestrol is high 7.5 which I have gone in a strict diet 6 weeks ago I lost 20 lbs .

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  • Welcome lizz367,I'm new too,I know how you feel Hun as I'm feeling the same,just take each day as it comes and remember your not on your own,anytime you want a chat just inbox me ,big hugs to you xxxxxx

  • Thanks for that same here if you need to chat about any thing to do with migraines or any thing I've suffered badly with them for 22 years so cheers again Lizzy

  • Hi Lizzy I'm a newbie too. So far this forum has been great. Everyone is really friendly and helpful.

    Well done on losing 20lbs (any tips)

    As Georgiegirl says we're all together now so no feeling alone

    Hugs Lins

  • Hi Lins thank you for that. I drink fresh sqeezed lemon juice in boiled water every morning and absolutly strict with myself I avoid anything at all that is bad but I eat lovely home cooked meals as I've had to because of servere migraines thanks for the reply Hun liz

  • Hi Lizzo and welcome.

    You have found a good forum for information and fun.

    Congrats on losing so much weight in such a short time :)

  • Thank you for that and hope I find some good info on here liz

  • Welcome to the forum! :)

    I also ingest a morning lemon drink.

    Congratulations on your weight loss! :D


  • Hi thank you for that I've had some really nice comments from people on this forum and nice to hear you have ure morning lemon drink it's so good for you . Liz

  • Welcome to the forum and I sincerely hope that you find it useful, informative and loads of fun! I have pasted you a link to our mother site FibroAction below which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

    I genuinely look forward to seeing you around the forum.


  • Thanks so much

  • Welcome Lizzo367!

    I'm also fairly new, everyone has been amazing on here :)

    It should help and everyone feels your pain.

    Soft hugs x

  • Hi I'm a newbie too. I'm sure it's going to help all of us, being on this forum. It's so nice to chat to people who know exactly how you feel! Speak to you all soon x

  • Yes definatly hope we all get something good out of it I'm absolutly sick of being in pain it's awful I feel like an idiot constantly saying I'm in pain thanks liz

  • Welcome to the forum it really helps doesnt it to chat with others who you know are in the same boat.

    It really is a big boat :)

    I understand what your saying about "Oh my legs hurt" "Oh my back" I think because we are so aware of the pain we feel we are constantly moaning. I dont believe we do! I think we gradually learn to say it how it is! That is the way to go if it hurts say so other wise no one knows not even our nearest amd dearest. It is invisible especially to other people.

    So how are you today : Not too bad thanks but the pain in my legs is wretched: I do feel that thoase closest to us become more atuned to how the waves of fibro keep bashing us down.

    My OH is very very deaf probably a good thing he doesnt know how often I say something:)

    Have a good day


    Do Take a look at our Mother site it is very helpful Keep smiling :)

  • Hello I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2004 my specialist told me to join a gym; it was the best thing I ever did. I also have vitamin D issues, you just have to take everything you do slowly and rest when u can.

  • hi and welcome. Well done for getting a diagnosis, finding us and for losing weight! Wow.

    My symptoms are fairly mild compared to some here, and I have always worked with self help for other things like depression.

    I believe that you can do a lot for the fog with those techniques. I don't know whether you like the idea. If you do, I could post a couple of links:

    - free mindfulness meditation audio files,

    - online self help modules you can study as you wish, really easy and practical,

    and as for relaxation CD - eg when sleepless at night, I recommend Hugh Fraser, Relaxation. I find this stands out head and shoulders above the rest I have come across. - No he doesn't pay me :-)

    Best wishes,


  • Thank you everso much for your us fall information I will look into this all everyone are so kind and helpful on here it's a really helpful site thanks again barb liz

  • study modules:

    mindfulness meditation:

    I hope it helps :-)

  • One thing about the form I have only just learned myself is, if you post as "to the community only" your post gets a lock icon and that means it can't be exported to twitter, facebook by someone - which I personally find useful.


  • I do not use any of them sites actually so it doesn't really matter to me thanks anyway liz

  • ok - but someone can put your posts there without you knowing unless you have the lock on.

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