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dla & hospital

hi fellow fibromites, wonder if anyone can advise me, if you are in hospital for 14 days do you have to notify the dla,I have the higher rate mobility and I have a car on that ( I can't drive ) my partner does

and I get low rate mobility ( which is weird as I notified them a year ago that I can't dress myself but they said no I still was only going to get lower rate!)

I was in hosp recently meant to be for 4 days but the surge ry went wrong (long story)!

now whilst reading through my latest dla literature explaining pip is on the way etc and I will eventually get the call up, I read all the paperwork and it says " if you go into hospital you should notify the dla ,the day you go in and the day you come out, however I went on the government help pages about dla and hospital ,it says " if you go into or come out of hospital you must tell the disability and carers service straight away" but strangely enough further up the page it says " both the care and mobility parts of dla will usually stop after you have been in hosp for 28 days"

so bit confused ,my fella says to forget about it but I do not want to be dishonest so it comes back to literally bite me on the bum!!

so to tell or not to tell that is the question!! advise please, as I don't know whether I should write and tell them or whether I shouldn't!!

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A very good question. Normally your DLA will be paid for a hospital stay of up to 4 weeks but you do have to notify them if you have been in hospital. You will probably get the response "thanks for letting us know but you need to do nothing more". Reason being that some of these benefits have what they called a cumulative effect so separate hospital stays can be added up so if you went in for 6 different weeks you would probably lose two weeks of benefit but be paid for 4. They won't worry that you did not notify them straight away it is okay to let them know after you have come out.

I'm so sorry to hear the surgery did not go as planned and hope you are feeling much better now.x


I am so sorry to read that your surgery did not go well for you, and I genuinely hope that you are feeling more like your usual self again now. I would personally just forget about it, as it could only give you more stress?

All my hopes and dreams for you



Tell them when you come out. It will be stopped, I think, only if you are in hospital for more than 28 days, but you are meant to tell them.


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