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endometreosis ?

is anyone out there suffering from endometreosis ? was just wondering as i have been told i have adhesions on my left ovary and that it is stuck down i have suffered with violent pains in my thighs,groin,pelvis and lower stomach for over 5 years seen so many differant people and had so many differant treatments over the years i have looked up about these adhesions and from what i can gather it is endo i have been put on the mini pill hoping things would settle down it did for the first 3wks now im in as much pain as ever they dont want to operate because of how the overy is stuck down and because of my age 46 the gyne wasnt the nicest person and said we will go down this route as my factory would be shutting down soon lol cheeky mare never called it me factory before i have a follow up app but am trying to change who i see and to a differant hospital sorry to waffle but im feeling really low right now what with fibro and countless other problems i have family not much help husband of 27yrs really has turned his back on me i feel so sad and alone i cry all the time and feel like my marriage is over i try and be a good wife and mother but some days its nver good enough feel like i should be on my own with only me to worry about enough for now but would love to hear from anyone who is experiencing similar things thankyou for taking the time to read this take care all joanne x

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I just wanted to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

Good luck

Ken x


wow. Sorry you have been suffering so.

I have heard specialists of all types speak on FM.

When the gynecologists talk, they talk often of endometriosis and other GYN issues which can co-occur with FM. :(

I hope you find total relief soon! :)

Please do let us know how you are doing?



Hi there, so sorry to hear how you are struggling, it sounds very tough.

I have endometriosis & have recently been told I may have fibro.

I am taking a birth control pill without any breaks, and having surgery to remove endo & treat any issues they find.

Because of this chronic pain (I have a strange type of migraine also) my GP has put me on a type of antidepressant, this helps with the long term management of pain. I am also having physio therapy to help with my pain and fibro symptoms.

Emotionally, I'd really recommend speaking to a counsellor, this can be incredibly helpful. Illness takes a large toil on us physically, and we often forget or ignore the immense emotional strain we have to deal with. As you have a family that obviously relies on you, counselling may be a great help for you.

These are really nasty illnesses, that are such a heavy burden physically and emotionally. We all need support in both areas. From my experience, this has been incredibly helpful as I found endo & the exhaustion and pain to really ruin my personal life, my job and my studies. Seeing a counsellor has been immensely helpful and guided me through these difficulties. Speaking to someone unbiased, who isn't a friend or relative, is a fantastic and positive tool for helping me deal with my illness.

I really hope you begin feeling better and find the best treatments for you. These are really horrible illnesses, so be patient with your body & take care of yourself! Thats what I'm trying to do at least, haha. Best wishes,

K xxx


Hello there,

I understand how you are feeling. I am suffering frome endometriosis been in and out of the hospital and i never had surgery. I finally came across black strap mollasses,nattokinase and serraptese. Its been several months since i have been taking these supplements my periods are allot better and i have less pelvic pain. I am healthy and dont take any kind of medication especially when i take these supplements. Stay away from caffiene and alchohol and eat allot of nuts,poultry and vegetables and fruits.

I believe we all can be healed and cured from endo.I wish you the best!


hi lyneet thankyou for your reply i am currently waiting for a app to see a differant gyne and get a second opinion as i wasnt happy with the first person i saw i was put on the mini pill just under 3 months ago this has helped with the stomach and pelvic pain but no relief from the violent thigh pain i had an ablaision op just over 5 yrs ago so no longer have periods which is a bonus just need this app so i know what they are going to do next as for things to aviod coffee is one of my vices and i cant eat nuts they upset my stomach thanks for the advice il keep taking the pain killers in the mean time thanks for reading take care joanne x


Your welcome take care.


Your welcome.


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